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Girls are tough, beware those who cross them ;)

AOA Cream - I'm Jelly

You and your gal pals turn into Sailor Moon-like princesses with the power to stop time to mess with your cheating boyfriend? What's better than that?


Ailee - I'll Show You

Loving yourself more than he ever did is the best revenge there ever will be. Ailee's here to show you that confidence and personal happiness is where its at.

4Minute - Heart to Heart

If you ever needed a looooong list of pranks to pull on someone, 4minute has your back. The girl gang teams up to get revenge on someone messing with Hyuna's heart.


SNSD - Lion Heart

When these girls realize they got played, they literally beat this guy up in broad day light and its so funny. But also, how did this guy give NINE different girls the same date, time, and meeting place?????


2NE1 - I Don't Care

My all time favorite, and honestly my favorite 2NE1 song, is I Don't Care. These girls also freeze time to make it clear to their man that calling them drunk at 5am isn't cool and flirting with other girls isn't cool either.

What's your favorite revenge song?

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I love exid's every night, 2ne1's I don't care, and snsd's lion heart. I love Jiyoon's face in the gif too lol.
and let's not forget miss a's good bye baby
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i love the mv so much
My favorite is Ailee! 🎵I will show a completely changed me, I will show you a way prettier me, I will never cry like a fool, a fool over love, over you who left, you'll never get the best of me, and I will show you a me who has changed for good, now you see that I'm a happy girl, I'm happy without you, boy you gotta be aware🎵
Love all of these songs so much!!! Can't forget AoA Black - Moya either!!!!
Ailee- mind your own business