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If you want a wig, then you are not alone in this list. There are several reasons for buying a wig such as some people buy wig for changing their look, some buy due to the reason of hair fall and some prefer due to medical issues like chemotherapy. But one question that remain same for all wearer is which wig best suits them or what kind of wig should they select?

Basically, there are two types of wigs in the market, one is natural hair wig and second is synthetic wig. Both the wigs have their own qualities, but which one is worth to buy is a question of confusion. All of this depends on your need and look. So, here I am differentiating both the wigs that will help you to solve the debate of natural hair wigs v/s synthetic hair-

1. Care :

Synthetic hair Wigs - Synthetic hair doesn’t requires much care as compared to natural hair wigs. They just need washing by any shampoo, dry and shake.

Natural hair wigs - You need to care for natural hair wigs just like real hair. They need to be washed properly with required shampoo and after that they require deep-conditioned to make their lifelong and re-styled frequently.

2. Natural Look:

Synthetic hair Wigs – Synthetic hair wigs do not provide natural look until and unless they are made up of highly professional fibre.

Natural hair wigs – Human hair wigs look classy and more natural. Hardly anyone can distinguish between the wig and natural hair if someone wearing these wigs.

3. Styling:

Synthetic hair Wigs – These wigs are more flexible to handle as they offer different styles to the wearer regardless of the weather.

Natural hair wigs – These wigs are not for styling purpose. They are less versatile than synthetic hair wigs. They are more labour intensive and require more skills and efforts for styling.

4. Colour Variation:

Synthetic hair Wigs – The sky is limit in terms of colors of synthetic hair wigs. You get more colour variation, when you opt for these wigs because it is easy to replicate the colour of synthetic wig and provide a favourable colour.

Natural hair wigs – You hardly get any colour variation when you select these natural hair wigs. This is because it is very difficult to replicate the natural colour of the hair. Also, there are chances of hair damage when you apply colour on it.

5. Longevity:

Synthetic hair Wigs – If you talk about longevity, then synthetic hair wigs are not a good option because they are made from stabilized chemicals and therefore their life reduces after every wash.

Natural hair wigs – These wigs are made for long life. They can last for a year if worn by proper care.

While there are different pros and cons for both the wigs, you can select any one or both for enhancing your look, style, and personality.