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Hi guys! I finally am able to post my video and photos from MCountdown and all the other Kpop stuff I was up to the past two weeks :)
First off, here's the video~ it will teach you have to see Boys24 live (with meet and greet) and get into MCountdown and much more!

Next up are the photos!

I wrote down all 78 of you that commented on this card :) I honestly got way more excited to see certain groups even though I'm not a huge fan simply because I knew you guys love some of them so much!!!

So here's my LONG fan account:

1. Boys24

My friend actually goes to see them a lot because she's old friends with one of the members so when I found out I got tickets of course she came along! The show was a lot different than usual because that day was specifically the Unit Black and it was more of a fan meeting than a concert. Which honestly made it SO much better cause I dont know that many Boys24 songs. They played that game where they have to touch something in a box and guess what it is and omg it was actually the funniest thing ever. Basically, Unit Black are now all my favs and I'm totally sold on Boys24 now :)

2. M Countdown

I was told to arrive at 3pm to go on a short tour and then go to the show but when I arrived there were already a ton of people there. I walked to the back of the line and ended up standing next to a door that looked like a janitor's closet. Suddenly I heard screams from near the front of the line and the noises got closer and closer to me. That's when I realized I was actually standing next to the back stage door. First Scoups and Wonwoo walked in (they have gotten coffee from a cafe outside and had to walk by the whole line to go back inside) and just after the crowd calmed down, the rest of Seventeen walked by too LOL. There were so many I couldn't absorb it all but definitely caught a smile from Seungkwan and Jeonghan (their hair makes them easiest to spot and they were in the front of the group haha) We also saw Hongki from FT Island and some members of Cosmic Girls!
The show:
We got let in while some groups were still rehearsing so I got to see Hyoyeon, then VIXX omfg, then Seventeen. What was really funny about Seventeen is that they had to wear nametags to help the cameramen out (cause they cant memorize that many names lol) but Hoshi's fell off mid-practice to he had to wave it around in his hand and it was so cute and he was smily embarrassed the whole time :)
ACE fans are really, really loud. Like I was blown away. Then MAP6 had less than a second to get on stage, get in position, and start dancing and they did it like absolute pros! KNK had much more time to get read (i think it was like a commercial break or something) so they just spent the whole time waving at fans which was really sweet. DAY6 was hilarious cause they had filmed ahead of time since they have so much equipment to bring on stage so they just stood on stage awkwardly singing along and waving. Wonpil tried to dance a bit but then gave up and they just all awkwardly swayed - it was too cute!
Highlight performed 2 songs and at first they didnt come on cause they had already recorded one so people were really sad but then they appeared! They did their ballad live which was really beautiful. I almost didnt recognize Kikwang! They had little golden Hs on their mic stands and before the recording started they kept playing with them and spinning them (mainly Yeosob)
Astro was adorbs and the people around me (Korean and foreign) were all amazed by Eunwoo's beauty haha it was so funny to listen to. BIG had a ton of fans too! 24K's fans were suuuuuper loud!
Then things got scary for Produce 101. I didn't know how big it was here (I thought last season was much more popular) so I was surprised to see the fans literally run to the stage, crushing other fans, just to get close when the guys only came out for one second cause they had already recorded. It was super wild. I dont think anyone was hurt but im glad I stood to the side :/
Chungha did a crazy outfit change in the middle of her song (like she ripped off her dress and there was a dress underneath lol) and her performance was great! To behonest the other girl groups sort of blurred together for me...
When they were about to go on stage for the award part, 24K, Cosmic Girls, Elris, and Map6 stood right next to me since I was standing at the furthest side so I wasn't in the middle lol and Cosmic Girls were so nice to their fans! They were talking to them like they really recognized them which was so sweet.
No spoilers since this is a week ago lol but Highlight won! It was them vs Seventeen. And when the annoucement came in Seventeen was the first to start cheering loudly :) They're really sweet! Then Highlight got to dance around and have fun for their encore!

Anyway, thanks so much for joining me and I hope you give the video a watch too ;)

thanks so much for sharing your experience! im so glad you took us along! i wish i was able to see them! also gawd anyrhing else on seventeen?? i love them so much!!
This is amazing! Thank you for taking the time out and doing this for us. ❤️
Awh so happy ^^ thanks for taking us, even though it was just names but it was still cool~
So glad you took the time to do that for us! ❤️❤️
you rock girl! thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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