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Chapter 15

Jackson could faintly hear the squeaky sound of wheels rolling in the floor. They were moving him. He tried to move his body but found himself constrained. Whatever drug they had given him was starting to wear off. He opened his eyes slowly but could only see the lights above him passing one after the other. "We need another dose over here!" One of the men moving him said out loud. "Move!" Someone else said bringing them to a stop. Jackson tried to make sense of what to do but before he had a chance he felt the pinch of a needle in his left arm. "That was close," he heard someone mutter with relief before he was once more lost to the darkness. ---------- Nara was trying hard to pick open the lock on her cell. She had been trying for the last hour. After waking up and finding herself still imprisoned, she realized that the only way she was going to get out of there was through her own means. That's how she managed to get a spring loose from the mattress she had been sleeping on. She heard the door go click and realized she had finally made it. She pushed the cold iron door opening it immediately. She smiled and looked back at the cell making a mental note to switch those mattresses with foam mattresses. Now, the only door standing between her and freedom was the automatic door that separated this wing of cells from the rest of the others. She only needed a pass code which luckily she had. Now she only hope Yoo Hyun had been stupid enough to forget to revoke her credentials. Without hesitation she punched her code in an prayed. The door lock beeped and turned green. "Idiot," she uttered and smiled opening the door and walking out. If she was right the elders would surely be locked in the same area. Entering her code she opened the wing next to hers but found only five empty cells. She ran to the other side and found those cells empty as well. One more time, she thought. She punched her code as fast as she could and open the door. "Thank God!" She exclaimed seeing the men and women in the cells hurriedly getting up to look through the bars and see who had opened the door. "Nara!" A voice from the last cell exclaimed. "Dad!" Nara said rushing to him. "What are you doing here?" He asked worried. "Yoo Hyun said the elders needed to speak to me" she said looking at the state of his father. The men in the cells had their facial hair covering their face and her father was no different. Their cells had being stripped off of their mattresses and only the concrete beds remained. "God, how long have you been in here?" She asked looking at all of them. "Five, six months, we don't know anymore," her father said. "That bastard!" Nara said enraged. She looked around and found the keys to the cell on a stand next to the door. "Wait here!" She went and got the keys and started to quickly open the doors. All of the elders rushed to thank her. Her father went and gave her a hug like it was the last one he had to give. "Yoo Hyun? Where is he?" The lead elder asked her. "I don't know," Nara said " he locked me up yesterday but I figure he still around. How did he manage to take over?" She asked confused. The elders looked at each other unsure of whether to let her know. "The kid?" Her father asked, "Where is he?" "He's got him," Nara said, "I failed father. I failed all of you. I didn't manage to protect him." The elders sighed in unison making Nara even more worried than she already was. "What's happening? What is he planning to do with him?" Tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. "What is it? What haven't you told me?" "A few months ago," her father said breaking the silence, "Yoo Hyun called a council meeting with all of us he said he had something groundbreaking to inform us. He explained that he had managed to get a hold of some blood samples of the kid." "What?" Nara said in disbelief. "He's the one who stole them?" "Yes, that would be the right word. He said he had made a ground breaking discovery and needed to show us." "What? What did he do?" Nara asked scared of the answer. "He had managed to sintetized the kid's blood so that anyone who got an injection would show remarkable strength." "What?" Nara asked I'm disbelief. "But that's everything we stand against!" "Exactly," her father nodded "we were too fool to let him know of our distaste for what he had done. We weren't expecting his reaction. We told him that the last thing we wanted was to contaminate the human DNA with the monsters' blood we've been fighting our whole lives." The elders nodded in unison. "What did he do next?" Nara asked. "He seemed to understand and let things go or so we thought. Next thing we know we found ourselves in these cages." "But that's not all," The leader elder said from the back making everybody turned to face her. "Now, he plans to sell it to the highest bidder. We can't allow that to happen! A single shot of that serum can't bring chaos and war to the human world. It can destabilize whole civilizations!" "Oh, God!" Nara said realizing the whole situation. "And now he has Jackson."