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Wassup guys!!!!! Kim here with back with our crazy boys again. Last night I tried to get this card out, but due to some techincal issues, I got frustrated and was like screw it, i'm posting tomorrow. Today I'm combining both Tuesday and Wednesday themes together.
Pppsssttttt, how bout you do a countdown of your fav mv of SuJu M?????? You can feature both!!!!
Apparently, my inner me wants to do a countdown, so let's jump right into it, shall we??

NUMBER 5: Perfection
Coming in at number 5 is Perfection. This video got me thinking on their outfits. First off, what's with the ruffles???? Secondly, I can't with that damn hat!!!!!!! (There's a parody video to this!!)

NUMBER 4: Break Down
In at number 4 is Break down. This is the only song in Chinese that on this countdown. This song was played alot when I was getting into SuJu. And AGAIN, with the damn hat!!!!! (I saw another parody to this which is a continuation from Perfection. I'll make a card later!!!)

NUMBER 3: Super Girl
We're at the halfway point!!!!!! In at number 3 is Super Girl! I so love this video!!!!! And it has HanGeng!!!!!

NUMBER 2: Swing
In the runner up spot is Swing. I think I play this alot on my phone so much that I may be picking up on the words, and I'm not talking about the english parts!!!!! The dance to this is amazeballs!!!!! And the ending is too funny!!!!!!

So, which video made it to number 1???? Drumroll please!!!!!!!!
So we throwing paper instead................alrighty then!!!!!!!

And my number 1 video is..........................ME!!!!!!! This is overall too cute!!!!! Again we have HanGeng again!!! They look so young in this!!!!! Now, why I can't find this on Spotfy or Google Play!!!!!!!

So there you have it, my top 5 fave music videos by Super Junior M!!! Did some of you videos make it??? What are yours?????? Comment below!!! Until next time!!!!

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I love perfection and super girl. One of my fav songs is Ai ni by sjm but it doesn't have a vid.
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Awesome!!! I'll check it out