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Hello hello beautiful ARMY's !!! Although their 4 year birthday has passed we continue the celebration for the rest of the week !!!!! ♡♡ Today we are proud to bring you lovelies song recommendations of the past & present !!! ♡♡

For a song of the past i HIGHLY recommend "Coffee" from their first mini album "O!RUL82? " Released September 11, 2013 !

If you're looking for a song that is nostalgic, beautiful and perfect for those days you feel like relaxing and listening to music then this is def the song for you! The beaitiful melodies, lyrics and vibe of the entire song are just amazing. Any one else feel like you're actually in a coffee shop when you listen to this ?!

Now a song i HIGHLY recommend in the present is "Butterfly" From their 4th EP "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2" released on November 30, 2015

As for this song, it's a little different from their usual style but still manages to be just as powerful as the rest of their songs. This song is just perfect! From the sweet voices of the vocal line down to the agressive rapping of the rap line. It will give you chills !!!! ♡♡

Those were my personal recommendations of BTS songs of the past & present. What BTS songs are your favorites ?! ♡


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Coffee is such a cute song! 😆💜
Isn't it ?! 😄😄
I love coffee!!!! it's such a satisfying song!!!! and adorable!!!! I love all of their songs it's too hard to pick a favorite, but ATM I'm in love with war on hormones because the dance is so fun!
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yes!!! and thank you!!!!