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how to end a creeper message on vingle
lie about your gender and they will leave you alone (note it may or may not be helpful on social medias like Snapchat, instagram or facebook so you have to get creative with it to make it seem believable)
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Please also block the user or message us as that is the only way we will be alerted. We have now blocked this user permanently. Old messages might remain in your inbox but their account is no longer active.
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@CaptnRonx Correct! @SimplyAwkward We've blocked their IP so it should be harder, but if something like this happens again then yes please let us know! Thank you!
3 months ago
@VingleEnglish thank you 😊😊😊
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I just block them. i dont even talk to them.
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or be a sarcastic asshole, that tends to be a huge turn off for most people.
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aww. I'm just sarcastic to everyone
3 months ago
That's creepy how a lot of you guys got messaged but the way you handled it in the end was good. And luckily Vingle got on the account to stop that person too
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