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Hello fellow vinglers! Here is the next chapter of 'Married to J-Hope'. Want the previous chapter? Link here:
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Chapter 7 V reached his hand in the jar and pulled out the next game. Once he pulled it out, he read the game on the paper. "Jenga!" He read and smiled. Everyone cheered as they were excited to watch the guys play the game. "Alright, so the member that looses at 가위바위보 will pull out a piece first and then you will take turns going counter-clockwise. Whoever knocks down the tower will be out and the last man standing will win. Are we clear?" Chloe asked the guys. "Ne~" they all respond. "Alright, let's get this game started!" Madison said. The managers pull out the game in front of the guys as they determine who will be the first to pull out a piece. Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jin were staring at each other determined to not be the starter of the game. "Who will win this time 가위바위보!" Jin declared as he threw out scissors, Namjoon and Yoongi threw out rock and Jimin threw out paper. They keep playing until Jin threw out rock while the rest threw out paper. Jin covered his head as he was sad that he had to be the the first player. They all sit down around the tower as Yoongi sat next to Jin, Namjoon sat next to Yoongi and Jimin sat next to Namjoon. Jin carefully pulled out a piece and set it on top. Yoongi pulled out a piece and carefully placed it on top. Namjoon pushed a piece out the other side and placed it on top. Jimin looked for a loose piece as he pulled one out and placed it on top. Jin looked for a piece that Jimin messed with as he pulled it out and placed it on top. Yoongi took a piece from the floor and placed it on top. Namjoon searched hard for a piece that he could pull out from the middle and placed it on top. Jimin looked for a loose piece again as he pulled one out but once he pulled it out, the tower fell. "Ahhh! Dang it!" He yelled as he sat up against the wall, watching his hyungs play on. The remaining players set the tower back up as they continue to play. Jin pulled a piece out and placed it on top. Yoongi followed suit. Namjoon pushed out a piece and placed it on top. The guys continue to play until the tower got to be very skimpy at the bottom. Jin pulled out a piece above the empty-looking area at the bottom of the tower as he placed it on top. Yoongi took a piece from the base of the tower and put it on top. Namjoon took a piece carefully and placed it on top without the tower falling. Jin took out yet another piece and placed it on top. Yoongi found the loosest piece, pulled it out, but the tower fell in his direction as he was disappointed that he lost and he sat next to Jimin. There were only two players left. Jin and Namjoon. They both took out a piece and placed it on top. One after the other. They were nervous but determined to make the other person loose. Once Namjoon took out a piece at the base of the tower and placed it on top, Jin pulled out a tricky piece but the tower ended up falling anyways as he was lost for words as Namjoon was happy that he won. "Alright Namjoon! Who do you want to sit next to?" Chloe asked. "Madison." He said. "Great choice!" Madison replied as he sat at the end of the table. "Alright guys, there are only three spots left so we are going to play one last game to determine who gets to sit next to Natalie at the other end of the table. This will be the final game that decides who will sit next to Natalie so, Namjoon, please do the honors of deciding our next game." Chloe said as she handed the jar to Namjoon. He pulled out the next game and read it aloud to everyone. "Aegyo battle." He read. The guys cringed as they were shocked to what they had just heard. "Well okay!" Chloe said. "I'm excited!" Madison said. "I'm gonna have a hard time choosing!" Natalie said. The guys prepared themselves to be as cute as possible for Natalie. "Okay boys, I will decide who goes first and who goes last. I will be judging you based on how cute you are as well as your performance. Once I have made my decision, I will say the name of the winner and you will sit next to me. Sound good?" Natalie said. "De~" they all said with a high-pitched voice. The girls cringed. "The first member will be... Jin!" Natalie said as Jin walked up in front of her. "Show me what a cutie you are!" Natalie demanded. Jin smiled like a little girl as Chloe and Madison blushed. "일 도 일 는 귀요미! 이 도 이 는 귀요미! 삼 도 삼 는 귀요미! 사 도 사 는 귀요미! 오 도 오 는 귀요미! 육 도 육 는 츄츄츄츄츄츄 귀요미!" Jin froze in position as Natalie was not impressed. "Next!" Jin was unhappy as he sat down by the wall. "Yoongi you're next!" Natalie hollered. Yoongi got up and went up close to Natalie and made her laugh hysterically! "Dance for me, sweetie!" Natalie declared. Yoongi got up and danced like a little kid with a catchy routine! He continued to dance as Natalie watched him with a huge smile in her face. He ended his performance with a cute big and grand finale. Once he was done, she stood up and cheered for him. He ran up and hugged her as she laughed really hard in his chest. He was so excited as he sat down by the wall. "Okay Jimin! That leaves you!" Natalie said as Jimin acted like a shy girl and tried his best to be cute. He pulled his shirt down with the palms of his hands as he grinned widely and squinted his eyes as he tried his very best to act cute. All three girls blushed as they watched him act cute. The girls were laughing and blushing so hard they passed out to their side. He stopped acting cute as he sat by the other two members. "Alright! I want this member to sit next to me." Natalie said as she teased the members. "Yoongi!" She said happily. Yoongi was over the moon as he sat next to Natalie at the end of the table. "Jimin! Come sit next to me! I really liked your performance!" Chloe hollered. Jimin went very quickly towards her as he placed his arm around her and she blushed in his chest. Jin got up and sat next to Madison. The managers passed out the menus as everyone looked at the options on the menu. Once they all made their decisions, they set their menus down and stared at their phones. The managers let the waitresses in and they asked for their appetizer. "해물파전!" "잡채!" "비빔밥!" The girls said to the waitress. They wrote down the orders as the one of the guys said "spicy rice cakes!" The girls looked at Namjoon in shock. "Wow! You like them that much!" Madison said to him. "Of course! We all do!" Namjoon said to her. The waitresses walked out and after a short time, their food was brought out. The waitresses took their order again, this time, for their main course meal. "LA 갈비!" "소불고기!" "닭!" "치킨!" "낙지!" "짜장면!"The members said one by one. The waitresses took the orders as they picked up the menus from everyone. Once the waitresses left, the members were flirting with the girls as the girls were talking to the members. The girls blushed and hid their faces with their hands and laughed with the members as they were telling stories and jokes. The guys stopped talking when the managers opened the doors to the waitresses with the food they ordered. Everyone was silent as all eyes were on the food. Once the waitresses set the food down, the guys thanked the waitresses for the food and everyone took their chopsticks and picked up food to eat. "와! 맜잇다!" Jungkook went as he ate his first bite of thin beef. "그래, 그래." Namjoon said agreeing with him. "Don't you just love this restaurant?" Natalie asked Chloe. "Absolutely!" Chloe replied admiring her food. Everyone including the managers were eating well until there was no more food. One of their managers called the waitress for the check. He took care of the payment and everyone went home. "Well, it was nice having dinner with you, it was fun!" Chloe said. "I had a blast!" Madison added. "I'm glad!" Jimin said. "I think we should do this again!" Jungkook said. "OMG totally!" Natalie replied. Everyone went back to the hotel and to their rooms. Once Chloe got to her room, she unlocked the door. As she was about to open the door, Hannah had locked in her sleep. She applied the chain to the door as she went to the bathroom. Chloe closed the door and knocked on it. "Hannah! I'm home! Let me in!" Chloe told her. Hannah jumped up out of her sleep as she woke Hoseok and put him in the bathroom. Hannah opened the door for Chloe and they both went to their beds. "Where are my pjs?" Chloe asked. "In the closet. Have you been drinking?!" Hannah asked. "Yep, with the boys." Chloe responded. "Wow! You are wasted!" Hannah told her. "And tired." Chloe retorted. Chloe fell on her bed as she was out completely. Hannah found her pjs as she set them on her bed as she began to strip her out of her clothes and applied her pjs on her body. She then made sure that Chloe was deep in her sleep and she let Hoseok out of the bathroom as she got back into her bed. Hoseok hid himself under the covers of Hannah's bed as he fell asleep. I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want more oneshots from me please comment an idol and will write one for you!