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안녕하세요 친구

My fellow K.A.R.D stans and soon to be K.A.R.D stans.


I'm freaking out to the max omoooooo.

Freaking K.A.R.D LEGIT DROPPING THINGS FROM THE SKY....jkjk but seriously!

Soo check out the SOURCE
ALSO: check out subkulture's promotion of the TEASER --》》HERE《《--
The members also posted the teaser on their IG accounts.

M2 has dropped the teaser for the first K.A.R.D reality show called 'Secret KARD' that they have been filming in America, ep 1-5 will be released Monday 19th June through Friday 23rd June exclusively on M2's Facebook and YouTube.
M2's facebook is the link prior and follow them on YouTube.
That means these sexy ppl's comeback is soon!!!

I'm too excited!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

***ugly cry*** TT_TT

Make sure to follow their community below:

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YEEESSS !!!!!!!!!!!
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