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Hi Everyone, JiyongKey here. I know this is nothing k-pop or anime realted but it would mean the world to me if you read further. My mom has been suffering from a heart disease that nearly took her life recently. She now has severe brain damage from the aftermath of a surgery gone wrong. I made her a gofund me account and would really appreciate if anyone could donate!!!!
Thank You, Arigato, & Gamsahamnida Vingle Fam!!

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i hope she gets better
7 months ago·Reply
omg I am so sorry. i wish I could help. I hope she recovers.
7 months ago·Reply
that's so sweet of you I hope she gets better soon!
7 months ago·Reply
wow im so sorry :( postive thoughts to your family!
7 months ago·Reply
I hope she gets better! Sending prayers to her and u and your family
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