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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by farleythewill; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop him some kudos if you like it!

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Chapter Summary:
As the two of you continue to eat your ice cream, you and Jaehee venture into the chat room, only to be surprised by Zen's actions. Jaehee begins to question herself, as you continue to soothe her, keeping her from thinking of her worst fear. After the chat room, you two head to bed...only to have you wake up from a terrible nightmare. The only thing that you can think of to get you to sleep, is...

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 11: The News and The Nightmare...

(You entered the chat room)

(Jaehee Kang entered the chat room)

[ZEN]: The princess has shown herself! :)

[707]: Heya you two! XD

[Jumin Han]: It wasn't long since we met earlier, but yes, hello you two.

[You]: Hey guys! ^^

[Jaehee Kang]: Yes, hello everyone. How are you doing, Zen? Is the filming going well? ^^

[ZEN]: ...hello, Jaehee...I had an accident on set, so they sent me home for the time being. I messed my eye up a little, so I'm forced to wear a patch...

[707]: OMG, A PIRATE!!!

[Jumin Han]: Oh no...shall I take care of you?

[ZEN]: HELL NO! There's only one person I want to take care of me...

[Jaehee Kang]: Zen, your eye?!! 0_0 If you want, we can come over...it's been awhile since I've seen you're place...also, I do worry about your injury. I don't want anything to disrupt your acting... -_-

    You look up at Jaehee, who's worried face stops you from saying anything foolish. "Are...you okay, Jae?" You ask, feeling her chest shift a little as you move your head.

    "I'm okay...I'm just shocked that Zen suffered yet another injury. I mean, two months ago, his ankle was injured...now his eye? I'm afraid that he will have a scar on his face...or worse...vision impairment..." she trails off, as you watch her bottom lip tremble a bit.

    You reach up, softly stroking your fingers against her arm, trying to soothe her, as you look back down at the phone. "Well, Zen does recover like a monster...I'm sure he will be alright, especially if we both visit him. I mean, you have experience in that manner...but if both of us go, I'm sure it will make him feel better," you say, happily.

    "Y-you're right...I shouldn't be so negative right now...I know his recovery speed is extraordinary," Jaehee finishes, smiling.

[You]: Yeah! We can both come over, and see if we can help you out! Having one eye isn't very good! :)

[ZEN]: It would be fun if you came over, my princess! Jaehee doesn't have to come. She's already helped out before...

[Jaehee Kang]: Huh? o.0 Why...not me?

[Jumin Han]: Yes, Zen. Why only our princess of the RFA? Why not me? ;)

[ZEN]: Well, my princess is a better choice than Jaehee. I'm sure she'd be able to take great care of me! And...HELL NO TO THAT, YOU STUPID CAT LOVER! >-<

[707]: Don't say bad things about loving cats! WE ALL LOVE CATS!

[You]: Everyone but Zen and Jaehee... -_-


[Jumin Han]: Well, when those two were in my office, Elizabeth 3rd immediately showed signs of affection. It wouldn't surprise me that she's great with animals. :)

[You]: Heh...well...

    You again look up, but you notice that Jaehee's eyes are watering up. "Wh...why is Zen ignoring my presence? This isn't like him...he's focusing his attention towards you..." she said, as you watch a single teardrop fall from her cheek.

    "Jaehee...I'm sure he's not meaning it. Though...I will admit that he's showing a bit more affection towards me than usual...this isn't right...and, I don't want to go over there alone. I want to go together..." you say, snuggling into Jaehee's chest more.

    She wipes the tears away from her face, petting your head. "I, I know...and I wouldn't want to go myself as well. We've grown so close together that I don't want to think of a time we have to be separated..."

    You reach down under her knee, and begin to tickle her, causing her to jump slightly, which in turn, causes her chest to make your head jolt upwards, forcing your head to bounce up. "H-hey! What was that for, Cream," she asks, laughing.

    You smile back, giggling. "I wanted you to laugh. That's all...no more crying, Cookie," you say, looking upwards at her again, smiling, then look back down at your phone.

[ZEN]: She will NOT have a cat around me! I will forbid it.

[707]: Wow, Zen...you're being awfully vocal about her. Have you forgotten that she's taken sides with our friendly cyborg?

[Jaehee Kang]: Huh? Cyborg?

[707]: YEAH! You know, a hybrid of a human and robot? Since she awakened the human heart inside of you, you have evolved into a human/robot machine of friendship! XD

[You]: SHE IS NOT A CYBORG, SEVEN! She's perfectly human...perfectly. :)

[Jaehee Kang]: Thank you...

[ZEN]: ...I only state what I feel. That's all I will say.

[Jumin Han]: As you always will...speaking of which, we still haven't seen a selfie of your patch. I'm sure we're all waiting for it.

[ZEN]: Oh...I don't want to show it. I don't want certain people to worry.


[ZEN]: ...

[707]: Fine! If you won't post a picture, then I will!

    You tilt your head, noticing a slight flash coming from your own phone. "Uhm...Jaehee...my phone just went off...like it took a picture..." you say, looking up at Jaehee.

[707]: (posted picture of you and Jaehee)

    Jaehee's face grows to a surprised, horror-filled state, as you watch her grasp her phone, rapidly typing on it. You look down at your own phone, and realize what had just happened. You joined in on the frantic typing.


[707]: Heh heh heh...I said I was able to do so last time...I just wanted to show I can do it. ;)

[Jumin Han]: That's...tasteless, you two...no one should ever be that comfortable.


[707]: Why is everyone so mad at me?! I just showed how great of a hacker I am! I am GOD SEVEN!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

[ZEN]: ...damn...

[Jumin Han]: Damn seconded. You two should cover up. Even I'm feeling embarrassed... -_-

[Jaehee Kang]: Sigh...we were about to go to bed, but this one wanted to check out the chat room. We got ice cream earlier, so we're eating that, and talking to you three. Nothing else.

[707]: Riiiight...


[ZEN]: ...damn!

[707]: Meow?

[Jaehee Kang]: Don't meow right now! Don't you know that BOTH OF US ARE UPSET WITH YOU!?!

[Jumin Han]: Well, it's understandable to be mad at him. I mean, a picture of that magnitude can be taken to several different areas...


[Jumin Han]: I'm only stating the facts. -_-

[Jaehee Kang]: Ugh...tonight was going so well, until now...I feel like I need a cup of coffee. You want a cup, Cream?

[707]: Cream?

[Jumin Han]: Agreed. Who is Cream?

[You]: U-uhm...yeah, I'll take some...but why did you ask me here?

[Jaehee Kang]: I wanted to change the subject, and use her new nickname I gave her. ^^


(ZEN has left the chat room)

    You both blink at your phones, then you slowly look up at Jaehee, who's face is as red as it has ever been, if not a shade deeper. "Um...are you sure you're okay, Cookie," you ask, locking your innocent eyes into her own.

    "I...I didn't want anyone to see us like this...this was our special thing...now it's ruined...and Zen...he just up and left, all pissed," she says, wiping away a few more tears from her eyes.

    You sit up from her lap, and place yourself onto the cushion next to her, bringing Jaehee's body close to yours, having her rest her head onto your shoulder. "It'll be alright. Like you said, we've gotten so close. I don't think a simple picture like that will change things."

    Jaehee smiles, nuzzling her cheek against your bare shoulder, looking at her phone. "Thank you for saying that...I'll admit, I felt extremely embarrassed, but with you saying those words, I'm not so much now."

[707]: ...now do you know why I asked you two to come here?

    You tilt your head, trying to understand Seven's change in attitude. "What do you think's going on, Jae? I mean...Zen definitely acted strange."

    She shakes her head, her skin smoothly gliding over your own. "I...don't know...but I just hope he's okay...he seemed to get upset over that picture..."

[You]: Y-yeah...he definitely seemed off. Any idea why?

[Jaehee Kang]: Indeed. Any information can help us try to help him...

[Jumin Han]: Unfortunately, I don't have an idea. This is the first time I've heard about his eye as well...

[707]: Well, what bothers me isn't his eye...it's the way he kept saying "my princess," and "her." ...he rarely, if not, spoke about or to Jaehee, and she was the one who helped him out the most.

[Jaehee Kang]: Well, he definitely helped me out as well...but, you're right...it doesn't make sense...

    Jaehee turns her head to look you in the eyes, some color fading from her gaze. "Cream...why is he paying a lot of attention towards you..." she asked, her eyes tearing up.

    "God...please don't let her have feelings for Zen, after all that time...two months ago, I practically confessed my feelings for you to him...so why is he all of a sudden acting this way? I...I don't want you to love him. I know it sounds greedy...but I want your heart to beat for me...and only me..." Jaehee thought, trying to make sure that no tears would fall.

    You shake your head, showing your bewildered state. "I...I don't know. He's like a big brother to me, so I don't know why...but I do remember him telling me that he was jealous of both of us."

    Jaehee lifts her head from your shoulder, still carrying the same, worried look. "What did he say," she asked, being a bit firm, "what did he tell you?"

    You close your eyes, thinking back. "Well, it was about two months ago...actually, it was the day he showed up to try your coffee for the first time. He said that he was jealous of you because I preferred you over the others, and he was jealous of me because of how you acted towards me. He said that even after the two of you went on that date, all you did was talk about me..."

    Jaehee felt her tears fall, softly smiling. "It's true, I did talk about you a lot back then...I know I helped Zen out, and he helped me break out of my shell, and let me go after my dream...but why is he avoiding me all of a sudden, and why is he being affectionate towards you?"

    You grip your small hands, clenching your eyes tighter. "I don't know, Jaehee...all I know is that right now...I really don't want to see him. He's causing trouble all of a sudden...and is making me stressed out...making you stressed out..." You then release your hands, opening your eyes, and grab the phone.

[707]: Yeah...this really doesn't...

[Jumin Han]: You two...you should be careful, just for the chance that Zen could be aggressive. It sounds strange, but...I think he might be hiding something from us.

[You]: What?! Why do you think that?

[Jumin Han]: It's simple...he didn't post a selfie.

[Jaehee Kang]: That's right...that doesn't seem right for Zen. He always posted a selfie, even when he has an injury, especially when it came to that cast.

[707]: Yeah...and he said that he didn't want to worry "certain people."

[You]: I wonder who those people would be...

[Jumin Han]: I don't know...but I have a high suspicion it's you, seeing as how he's acting towards you.

[You]: Me? I don't really want to think about that...

[707]: Well, that makes sense. I know where your heart belongs. ;)

    You blush, which catches Jaehee's attention, causing a slight smile to be brought onto her face. She then places her head back onto your shoulder, causing your blush to intensify.

[You]: You...you do?!

[707]: Yep! It belongs...(drum roll)...in the RFA!

[Jumin Han]: ...

[Jaehee Kang]: ...well, he isn't lying. :)

[707]: I never lie! XD

[You]: ///...but, Seven...why did you take a picture of us?

[707]: Well, because 1.) I was bored, but more importantly, 2.) I wanted to test a theory out.

[Jaehee Kang]: What kind of theory involves our personal life?!?

[707]: Hear me out...I'm sure that you're able to view what we were talking about before you two showed up, but I'll just sum it up: he talked a lot about "his princess" and how much he missed her. At first, we didn't know what or who he meant.

[Jumin Han]: That is correct. Once the two of you entered the chat, his attention went straight to you, solidifying out suspicions.

[707]: Yep! I wanted to see how he would act if he saw you two together...since he wasn't very pleased with you for some reason, Jaehee. :(

[Jaehee Kang]: Not...pleased?

[707]: Correct correct! He didn't say much, but when your name was brought up, he just shrugged it off, and when we asked why he was acting that way, he only said something along the lines of..."she took something. That's why."

[Jaehee Kang]: ...thank you, you two. Come, Cream. Let's go.

[You]: ...um...where are we going, Cookie?

[707]: lolololololcookielololololololol

[Jaehee Kang]: Shut it, Luciel...we're going to bed. I'm gonna log off. Again, thanks, you two. Your information helped a lot. :)

(Jaehee Kang left the chat room)

[707]: Wait...together?

[You]: N-no! We have seperate beds...well...cya, guys!

(You left the chat room)

    Jaehee stands up from the couch, stretching her limbs out, causing her chest to extend out. "Heh...I never got to make that coffee...well, good thing we're going to bed," she said, yawning.

    You tilt your head, confused. "Jaehee...you don't look as troubled as before. What's up?"

    She smiles, patting your head. "Well, with all of the information given, I have kind of pieced things together. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us...because I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself, just in case Jumin's suspicions are correct, and Zen tries to do something...I don't like the idea that Zen is different, but your safety comes first," she says, putting the ice cream away in the freezer.

    "How," you ask, your head still tilted. Jaehee giggles, looking into your eyes again. "Easy, Cream. Did you forget what I'm a black belt in?"

    Your eyes grow large, a big smile forming on your face. "Oh, oh! Judo! I remember that! Gosh, you never practiced it since I've moved in..."

    Jaehee laughs, walking towards her bedroom. "I still know my moves. Go ahead and rest up. We are going to leave in the morning. Jumin told me that I can use the gym there anytime. Goodnight," she lets out, looking behind her shoulder, gazing at your daze.

    As she opens the door to her bedroom, Jaehee sighs, closing the door behind her. "Zen...I still don't know what brought this new change in you...but...are you that jealous that she and I are this close? I mean...I didn't take her away from you. She chose me, plain and simple. We're not even in a relationship...though, I really wish we were...maybe, after we figure out what's going on with Zen, I'll finally tell her...my feelings. If my suspicions are correct, then it will make her extremely happy when I do. Seven happened to say that he knew where her heart resides...and when I saw her blush, I gathered another piece of evidence...I will eventually know your feelings, my dear Cream...and soon, you will know mine."

    "Oh...okay. Goodnight, Cookie," you respond, smiling, as you get up, and make your way to your bedroom. You open the door, and quickly plop into bed, covering yourself with your blanket. "I guess...Jaehee understands what's going on, but is really upset with all of this info. She and Zen became like brother and sister, but now...she must be really confused, even though she told me that she pieced some things together...well...no use in worrying about this right now...goodnight, Jaehee, my love..." you think to yourself, slowly drifting to sleep.


    "...Ngh...no...no..." You say, in your sleep, tossing and turning in your bed, causing the blanket to shift off of you. "Zen...Zen, why would you...you tell that to Jaehee...please...don't tell her...I don't...care about her..."

    Your face begins to sweat profusely, causing small moans to escape from your mouth, your breathing becoming heavier. "Jaehee...please, don't go...don't...believe him...Zen...you can't...take me away...from her...Zen...Zen...stop...I won't...let you separate..." you finish, quickly snapping out of your sleep, springing up, "Separate us!"

    Your eyes grow wide, looking at the darkness of your room. You rub the back of your hand against your forehead, causing you to notice the amount of sweat you built up. Your breathing continues to be heavy, but has lightened up a little. "That...that was a dream...thank god...but, Zen...those were some horrible things to say...please, don't ever say them again..."

    You lay back down, closing your eyes, but the dream you just had causes you to feel uncomfortable, making you not to want to fall asleep. Your eyes slowly fill up with tears, slamming your fist into the bed. "Dammit...I don't want be away from Jaehee...she always knows what to do when I'm upset..."

    As you get up from your bed, you wipe away the tears that formed, and you weakly make your way towards the door to your bedroom. "I...I hope she's not asleep..." you mutter to yourself, making your way down the hallway. As you approach Jaehee's room, your heart begins to beat faster.

    "What if she tells me to go back to sleep? I...I can't. Not with that nightmare...I want her to hold me tightly, like I'm a teddy bear of some sorts...I need her comfort...that's the only way I can sleep..." you think to yourself, carefully opening the door, softly knocking on it. "J-Jae? Jaehee? Are you awake?"

    You notice her sleeping in her bed, under her woolen blanket, but also notice that she's beginning to stir from her sleep from your knocking. As Jaehee lifts her head to see you at her door frame, she shifts upwards, turning on her night-side lamp. "C...Cream...why are you...still up..." she asked, sleepily.

    "I...I had a nightmare. I...I think was about Zen..." you say, rubbing your eyes, wiping away the excess tears that kept forming. Jaehee's eyes grew a bit wider, as she sat up in her bed, patting the bed. "Nightmares are no fun...come, sit," she said, as you nod, walking towards her bed, sitting down next to her.

    "Would you like to tell me about it? If...if it was a bad nightmare, I know talking about it helps..." she asked, leaning her back against the headboard.

    "W-well...I don't remember much...but Zen...said awful things to you...and caused you to run away...I wanted to chase after you...but Zen kept me still...telling me it was for the best..." you say, causing tears to form once again on your face.

    As you begin to cry, Jaehee quickly grabs hold of you, and pulls you close to her, hugging you tightly. "It's alright, hon...it was just a dream. Always know that I will never run away from you...never, ever...and about Zen...try not to think about him." She then lifts your head, placing a sweet, warming smile on her face, causing you to smile back.

    "T-thank you, Jae...but...could I possibly sleep next to you? Just this one night? I don't think I can sleep by myself..." you ask, your face flushed with red. Jaehee's eyes grow wider, her face turning red as well.

    "If...if that's what you want...then, of course, you can. There's not a lot of space to lay, since it's a twin-size mattress, but you can sleep with me. Just don't kick in your sleep," she said, giggling. You smile happily, getting up from her side of the bed, and quickly make your way to the other side, sliding under the same woolen blanket.

    "W-wow, Jaehee...this is rather warm. Don't you get too hot," you ask, looking into her eyes, as she smiles back, rubbing the blanket. "It does get warm, but it's comfy. You know, like coffee. Anyways...try to get more sleep. We definitely have a big day ahead of us," Jaehee says, turning off her night lamp, slowly sliding down into bed, your bodies barely touching.

    "Is...is this a dream? Is she...actually sleeping next to me...no, it's not...because of what happened earlier today, it's understandable...I'm just glad to be able to help her out...but, my heart...it's beating fast...I hope she doesn't notice..." Jaehee begins to thinks, rolling to her side.

    Jaehee's face goes flush with blush, as her face is again inches away from yours, as you enter a deep sleep. "C-Cream...you're already asleep? Wow...was having me by your side all you needed to go to sleep? Well...if that's true, then I'm very grateful...grateful to be so important to you that all you need is my presence...you look so peaceful...so beautiful right now...God, I love you so much...I want...I want to kiss you...but...I have to resist...I want our first kiss to be magical...but I guess...this will have to do...it won't be much...but it'll do for me..." she thinks more, moving her head closer, lightly pecking the tip of your nose with her lips.

    As soon as she kisses your nose, a small smile appears on your face, causing Jaehee's heart to skip a bit. "You...you liked it? Thank God...I promise to do more of those...if the time comes...but for now...just this will work for me," she finishes thinking, placing her arm around your waist, scooting closer to your body, resting her head next to yours, a smile staying on her face.

    "I will always protect you, my lovely Cream. Now, and forever...and no one will take you away from me...no one..."

    Three days ago...

    "So...it's time, huh, Saeran," Zen says softly, sitting on the edge of his tattered bed, in his cell. He looks around, seeing no one in the area, and the cell door open. All there was to see was a set of car keys,  a set of new clothes, an eye-patch, his old cellphone, and a note. Zen grabbed the note, unfolding it, holding a serious state on his face.

    Hyun. You are ready, my disciple. Saeran has told me of your great progress, and I officially would like to welcome you to Mint Eye. I'm sorry I can't be here right now for this glorious of events, but I have other matters to attend to. Please, do your best to spread the great word of Magenta...and bring your friends to join our family. 

    Once you take the maiden, the rest will follow. When the rest arrive, we will take them, and convert them. Please, do not cause great harm to them...we do not want them dead. If the maiden resists, or one of your friends interferes, you may use force. Please, Hyun, make my dream come true. Let's make a world free of pain. I await your return.

- The Savior

    "Heh...what the hell is he talking about here? I like how this place operates...but...all I care about...is her, as well as showing Jaehee that I am the ultimate winner. Hmm...perhaps I should go back to my old apartment, and freshen up. I have to bide my time, and wait...wait for the perfect moment to snatch up my princess..." Zen finishes, taking off his shredded shirt, changing into his new attire. As he put his new coat on, he grabbed hold of his hair to pull it from his coat, but stopped, and laughed.

    "Right, right...I cut it off...but, there's a lot more changes to me," he says, grabbing the eye-patch, "especially this. I don't know why...but I love my new look. It won't get me a lot of roles, but...I'm satisfied. All that matters to me is having my love with me...I will not lose this time...hmm...maybe I'll get into the chat room in a few days, see how everyone's doing...how they are doing..."

    Zen then takes his cellphone, as well as the car keys, places them into his pockets, and walks out of his cell. "Ahhh...this feels good...I can finally walk around. Good thing Saeran told me how to leave...he did, in fact, tell me that I was going to be able to let myself out once I was ready..." He places the eye-patch on his face, adjusting it, and grabs his coat, much like how he did in the past, a devilish smile plastered onto his face.

    "I'm coming, my princess...finally, you will be mine...the new Zen...will not be beaten by Jaehee ever again!"

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