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BTS Puzzle馃槈馃榿馃憦馃憦
Army you are the best when you put pieces and puzzles together. If you all look close enough in the night sky it is all the Army Bombs.

Jungkook is even proud!
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Future album cover ???? 馃攳馃檴
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that's true
5 months ago
so many theories its like the national treasure level of digging with the army's
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The team work that is army's have surpass the norm
5 months ago
all army should be a detective on the go...always prepare for new clues....
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@AsystolinaTawan @SimplyAwkward @PolarStarr I just notice this but if you look at the stars they are Army Bombs
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Yeah !! i noticed !! so clever!! 馃槃
5 months ago
@Choijiah oh my gosh they do
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