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Hello everyone!!

Sooooo I'm being lazy this week...I have no excuses as to why, just cause.

But I had to participate in a KNK contest!!!!! These 5 gorgeous trees are my life and even though I'm a new fan, I can't even begin to explain how much I love them!!!!!!

Soooooo here are my results for the KNK Giveaway 'MASH' SSG Contest
Oh, hello there Seungjun!!!!! I guess faith seems to want us to be together Which is fine by me!! Do you see how beautiful this man is!?!?
Oh! Wow!! O.O It's a pretty dress, but it wouldn't be that pretty on me;; Oh well, I tried Cx As long as Seungjun likes it then we're good~
Ooooooo pretty!! I know what we'll be spending every night doing C;
South America...?? O.o Cool!! We can go to Peru or something!!!! Really nice~ I'd love to visit South America!! :D
......But I want a boy!!!!!! Awwwww xC Oh well, I guess you can't have everything you want :l Well, if she belongs to Seungjun then she'll probably be beautiful anyway C:
Ah hell ya boy!!!!!! I hope you love animals, Seungjun!!!! Cause we'll have all of the animals!!!!! Doggos, kitties, lizards, and bunnies!!!!!!
Oh uhhh wow O.o I mean, you're handsome for sure!!!! But uhhhhh I think I'm a bit too young for you;; Oh well Cx
Oooooo that would be awesome if I won this album~ I love U!!! Such a good song~ Actually, any album would be fine cause they belong to KNK and any song is perfect by the ^-^

Soooo those are my results~

And I had a lot of fun!!!! Thank you so much to the Tree Protectors for putting together this contest~ I had a lot of fun doing this C:

And I hope to see more games and stuff in the community (even if they don't have prizes) cause that would be fun~

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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