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Round 3

Moments of when Jay is being cutie with you consciously and unconsciously

When he sees you at one of his concerts and your both already public or known as friends

When he trying to impress you while with his friends or full crew

When he notices you are watching him play baskerball with his friends at the gym.

When you trick him into using a fliter on your phone for a couple selfie

When you are trying to apply make up on him but he just stares at you knowing that it will get you shooken up.

While he was watching you talk about something. All he can do is watch you lovingly.

When you ask him to do an aegyo which he does but seconds after regrets it.

You two video chatting whilst he on tour or over seas somewhere without you.

When you two were are together eating a meal together. Whilst actually talking together.

When you are doing his hair or playing with it. How he tries to fix it afterwards.
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