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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.

Y/n's POV

I couldn't believe how angry Taehyung got at me just because Junmyeon asked me out but I mean, I wasn't stupid. I didn't want to go anyway. Junmyeon is hot but he's trouble and I'm more aware of the danger I'd be in with than I would be if Baekhyun and I were on speaking terms. Not to mention the fact that I didn't trust him because of Baekhyun, the fact of the matter was; his little threat kind of bothered me. I mean I know Bangtan didn't really care about their reputation aside from being decent human beings but I was just worried he might do something to hurt them.

Maybe I was just over thinking it but I didn't show up at the time that he wanted me to be at his place. In fact, it was because Taehyung came over to take me to the dorm that I didn't go at all. It slipped my mind and I had washed my hands so his address had disappeared. Taehyung wouldn't really let me out of his sight, which made me wonder if he didn't trust me or something. He kind of shadowed me for the entire day. Jin said that he was just looking out for me like the rest of the guys were but Taehyung wasn't really talking to me. On some level, I felt like I had caused a rift between us; we had actually been getting along very well the past week.

I was with Jin in his room playing mario party seven and we were being loud so Namjoon closed the door on us because we were disturbing him. I looked at Jin while the computer's were taking their turns. He was looking at the screen entranced. I smiled looking at his beautiful side profile.

"Taehyung hasn't said a word to me since yesterday." I said sadly.

"He's just pouting that's all."

"Why would he care if Junmyeon asks me out? Am I missing something? Does he know what Junmyeon was planning?" I asked.

Jin shrugged,

"I think if he knew he would've told us. I just think he knows what type of person Junmyeon is. He's dangerous for girls like you."

Jin reached to brush hair behind my ear. I had decided to wear it in a ponytail today but hair framed my face. I didn't wear the galaxy shirt that Taehyung had bought me but I was wearing the necklace he gave me. It wasn't like a small arguement would make me take it off. Maybe that's what Yoongi was worried about, that if I couldn't forgive the big things then I wouldn't let little things go either.

"Do you think I should talk to him?" I asked.

"I'm sure he'll talk when he's ready but if you let him know that you miss him then I think he'll talk to you again."

I chuckled,

"Okay I don't miss Kim Taehyung, I'd have to be away from him long enough to miss him. I just feel bad. Maybe I over reacted and made things worse than what they were." I said.

"Taehyung just gets frustrated easily when someone he cares about gets into trouble. It happened to Jungkook last year when some guys were basically using Kookie and Jungkook didn't even see it but Taehyung knew those guys. It's kind of why we tolerate him even hanging out with them. It's like he's our own little spy." Jin said.

"You wanted me to be careful around Taehyung, why? I mean he's an ass sometimes but he's not all bad. You know that."

Jin looked at me for a moment and raised his hand to my cheek. He cupped it softly; I liked the feeling of his fingers touching my skin. I smiled softly looking at his features, his beautifully shaped lips, his fluffy brown hair, his big eyes. Jin was perfection and way too beautiful to comprehend. Jin smiled and said,

"Taehyung is your friend and you're family now I don't think he'd hurt you."

"You thought he would before?"

"Maybe not on purpose but eventually. I think he's fine now." Jin smiled.

He patted my head but instead of pulling his hand back automatically he let his fingers run through my hair. I loved the way it felt, him combing his long fingers down my hair. I think I started blushing. Jin was so handsome. He turned and looked at the TV to take his turn as mario. We went back to the game and played in loud roars again but I couldn't help but think that me and Tae should probably make up. I didn't want there to be bad blood between us, in all honestly, I liked hanging out with him and Jin.

When it was time for me to go home, Jin decided to drive me. Taehyung had gone out to hang with some friends. I thought one little arguement wouldn't ruin a growing friendship but it seemed like, for the moment, Taehyung wanted nothing to do with me; although, he made damn sure that I didn't meet Junmyeon today. I wondered what was going on in his head. I mean it was nice of him to protect me but I told him no. In the back of my head, I had considered just going to save Bangtan the trouble but when he came and got me to make sure that I wouldn't go I figured everything was alright.

Jin drove up to my driveway and we sat there for a second,

"Taehyung will talk to you again he just needs a day or two to cool down. He won't act like that for long." He reassured me.

"I hope you're right." I said.

Jin used his hand to push up my bangs and rest his hand on my forehead. I think my face started to turn a little pink because he gave me this worried kind of look. He smiled and said,

"You should eat some good food and get some rest okay. Don't worry yourself about all of this."

"Jin, can I tell you something?" I said.

He looked at me curiously and nodded.

"For the first time in my school career, there's a group of people that actually want me to hang around them and that is the best thing that could ever happen to me. It's only been a week and I think I've already gotten attached to you guys but I think that's because I've watched you all for so long...Even though Taehyung was being a little rude to me, he was the first of you seven to really show me any attention so when he's not bothering me I feel odd. I want to spend more time with him and you. All of you to be honest but I just worry sometimes that I really don't fit in. Maybe you'll realize you made a mistake and you won't want me to be apart of the group anymore. I constantly find myself questioning my place in life. It's why my head is in the stars. It's safe there."

"Y/n, Yoongi perfers the way you teach over his teacher. Namjoon loves the fact that you can challenge his intelligence and even talk to him about all the deep stuff that Jungkook wouldn't understand. Hobi loves that you dance with him, even though it takes a long time for you to get the steps. Jungkook sees you as his older sister and likes that he can talk to you about anime. Jimin loves that you gush over his eye smile everytime you see it and Taehyung loves that you're not like any other girl he's met. You snap back at him, you challenge him. You're not easy like the other girls. Come back down to Earth Y/n, you've got family down here that adores you even if it's only been a week." Jin said.

I smiled feeling much better about myself. I figured I could text Taehyung before I went to bed and ask him if we were going to be okay. I never went out with Junmyeon so he should've been happy about that. I started to get out of the car and then I turned back and said,

"What do you like?"

He looked at me curiously.

"You said what all the others liked about me, what do you like?"

He thought for a second and for a moment it seemed like he was thinking hard about the words he was going to say next.

"I like that you play Mario games with me." He smiled.

I laughed at him and got out of the car.

"I'm glad you guys are my friends." I said.

I walked up to the door and waved him goodbye. When I opened the door, Junmyeon was sitting on the couch in my living room with Baekhyun. I looked at them and then quickly headed to my room. Junmyeon had gotten up and watched me from the living room. I turned back to see him smile at me and I felt the oddest feeling in the world. He was trouble, just like Jin and Taehyung were saying. Why was Baekhyun bringing his friends home now, normally they just went to go hang out.

I went to my phone and texted Taehyung.

Me: Tae can you please talk to me. I'm sorry about the fight I was being childish.

He texted me back ten mintues later.

TaeTae: You weren't being childish that was me. I just didn't want to see you hurt again.

Me: I honestly didn't realize you cared so much.

TaeTae: Me and the guys care about you more than you know. Junmyeon isn't someone you should entertain Y/n. Stay away from him, it's a friendly warning not a demand.

Me: No I hear you. He's in my house right now and I just got the creepiest vibe from him.

TaeTae: He's in your house? What is he doing there?

Me: He's hanging out with Baekhyun. He didn't say anything just smiled at me. Yesterday when he asked me out he made it seem like he'd do something if I didn't meet him. Maybe I should've just gone.

TaeTae: No if you had gone Y/n he would've just done worse to you I know. Guys like him are dangerous.

Me: I've heard some say the same about you Taehyung.

TaeTae: .....I am dangerous.... guys like us are no good for you.

I stared at that last text message for a long time. I didn't really know how to respond to that, mostly because I felt like I was drawing conclusions I had no business drawing in the first place. Still, something about those words made me wander if Taehyung was telling me something that I wasn't seeing.

Me: I know Junmyeon isn't the kind of person I want to be associated with. If he's hanging out with Baekhyun he's already bad company unfortunately.

TaeTae: Yeah...I'm going to go to sleep Y/n, keep out of trouble and lock your door so he doesn't try anything. He'll corner you if you give him the chance.

Me: Alright Tae, will you call me tomorrow?

He never responded, I supposed it was because he went to sleep but I did as he told me and locked my door. I heard sometime later after I turned off my lamp some feet shuffling by my door. There was a little knock on it and then the handle jiggled a little like someone was trying to open it. I doubted it was Baekhyun, he knew I locked my door any when I went to bed and he knew not to bother me. The fact that Taehyung had warned me that Junmyeon would corner me if he got the chance made me wonder: what the fuck he was trying to do? Was it a prank or was it something worse?

Either way I wasn't going to unlock that damn door until the next morning and I hoped to god he was gone by then...

When I woke up the next day, I had to check the hall to make sure it was clear and then I cautiously walked out into the kitchen to see Junmyeon without a shirt on eating a dried mango.

What the hell, he actually slept here last night!

I backed up slowly as he walked over to me.

"You're up. I think Baekhyun is in the shower. Your parents left this morning for some little date I think."

Yeah, they had a little married couples meeting every Sunday morning that was followed by a lunch date later on after their activites. It was their way of keeping the marriage alive and taking time out for each other. Maybe even a moment for them to bash on how much of a disappointment Baekhyun was as a son.

Okay, even I'm not that harsh, they needed to give Baekhyun a break. He had dreams, ones that he could probably fulfill if some people would just support him. I guess my support wasn't enough for him. Maybe he was just dreaming it because that was expected of him by others who knew he could sing. He'd become an idol and be famous and once again have to live under the impossible image of a perfect idol but at least he'd have others with him that supported him when he felt down. I would've helped had he said anything.

Or was I just not paying attention?

I don't know something Yoongi had said to me that first day I helped him made me wonder if I was the one ignoring him when he needed me. It was possible we were both guilty of being selfish. I was happy about being the favored child because I wasn't liked much in school and he was happy that he was favored in school because he was a disappointment to mom and dad. I guess now I was seeing Yoongi's point. I knew him and I knew what he wanted and he just needed encouragement but I never really gave it to him like I should've. Aside from covering for him with mom and dad, maybe I just added to the impossible image that he was supposed to live up to as a big brother.

I think that thought scared me more than anything.

Was I the bad guy in all of this?

For so long, I saw myself as the victim and Baekhyun made me the enemy but maybe the fact that remained was that I wasn't really a victim at all or perhaps not alone. There are two sides to war in which both sides see what they're doing is right and both sides sees the other as evil. Perhaps me and Baekhyun's sibling war was the same way, we both saw each other as the bad guy, selfish and unwilling to understand. We saw ourselves as the victims which wasn't entirely wrong but we weren't right either. I thought pushing him out of my life and my heart would ease anymore pain that came with being his sister but honestly, it was the boys of Bangtan that made losing my brother bareable.

The fact of the matter was that Baekhyun had set me up that night and he did break my heart. And in the aftermath of it all, he not only worried more about himself getting in trouble with mom and dad but he also lied about it instead of owning up. I covered for him mainly because I didn't want to deal with the blow out but I did cover for him and that was still more than what Baekhyun ever did for me. He broke my heart-

When did I break his?

By the way, I'm running this all through my mind while Junmyeon is cornering me in the kitchen. He had been talking and I wasn't listening just backing away from him and I guess not even paying attention to what I was doing because some how I ended up deeper in the kitchen and pushed into the far corner counter. I had no idea how I got there but I sure as hell didn't want to stay.

"You clean up well but your 'just rolled out of bed' look is a bit rusty." Junmyeon said grabbing hair that was sticking up and tugging it so it would go straight.

He started to comb his fingers through my hair to get it neat and all I did was stay silent and stare.

"You never came to meet me for lunch like I told you to. That really hurt my pride Y/n."

"I had told you I couldn't go out with you in the first place Junmyeon. Why would you think I'd just change my mind?" I said.

"No one stands me up. Do you know how many girls would want to be in your shoes?" he said.

"Well then next time ask one of those girls."

He shook his head.

"No I don't want those girls. I wanted you. You're harder to get, a bit of a challenge and I like that. I would love to see what it takes to get you." He said.

His hand came up to my cheek and I swatted it away. I felt my heart start racing and it wasn't because I was crushing on him. I was seeing Junmyeon as more and more dangerous right now. I wanted to get out of the kitchen and out of the house. I wanted to talk to Taehyung and Jin. I wanted to be anywhere but here. What was Baekhyun doing? Why was he letting his guest roam around without a shirt on in our house?

Junmyeon trapped me on both sides with his hands and he leaned down. I turned my head avoiding his lips and he chuckled but he dipped his head lower to kiss the side of my jawline. I turned my head more to avoid him trying to kiss me and I put my hands against his chest. I really had no other choice, I started trying to push him away but he was pretty solid; he wasn't moving much. His lips came down to my neck and I made a sound I didn't recognize. It was hard to even believe it had come from me. Junmyeon chuckled and pulled away from me and I sighed and found an opening to get away from him. Junmyeon laughed in his hand and then looked at me.

"You're a virgin aren't you? That's really cute Y/n." he said.

I felt like he was insulting me but there was nothing wrong with me being a virgin. I mean I wasn't going to give it to a jackass like him. I think my face turned red anyway though because it suddenly felt hot and I was a little embarrassed by the way he declared it. He turned more to me and I backed up and came closer to the opening of the kitchen to run out. I wanted to call Taehyung and see if he wanted to hang out. I wanted to see the boys and just pretend this didn't happen. Junmyeon was just as dangerous as Taehyung had said but Taehyung said he was dangerous too. What the hell did he mean by that?

Was he saying that he did this as well?

Suddenly there was a bit of annoyance in me. I shouldn't be trusting Taehyung either should I? He was just as dangerous as Junmyeon was wasn't he?

Or was I over thinking?

"Y/n go out with me. Don't say no just because Taehyung is telling you too."

"I'm telling you no because I want to." I said.

"You shouldn't say no. I won't leave you alone until I get at least one date." he smiled.

"I like someone else Junmyeon, going out with me isn't going to make me magically like you." I said.

"You like someone? Hm, who is it Taehyung or Jin? I wonder if either of them know? Or is it Namjoon? He's on your same intellectual level." he mused.

Jin was the one I had a crush on but I wasn't going to tell him that. I just blinked without an expression.

"It's really none of your business who I like Junmyeon."

"You're right it's not but think about it this way. If I don't get one date from you then I'll let the whole school know that the newest Bangtan girl is in love with a Bangtan boy. I just have to name one of the seven and the rumor will spread like wildfire. I could even add a little more into it and say that I walked in on you two kissing or maybe you two were at school in your little science room having sex. I wonder how well that would go for Bangtan. You'll be the schools little slut." He smiled.

"You're blackmailing me into a date?" I said annoyed.

"It seems to be the only way."

I sighed, he was really starting to get on my nerves but one date wouldn't kill me.

"Fine but you can't touch me." I said.

Junmyeon chuckled but he never actually agreed and that's what made me twice as cautious. I was going to text Jin to tell him what was going on. If I was lucky one of the guys would be able to get me out of this situation.

Jin's POV

"Namjoon get your books out of the living room! Aish I swear these kids." Jin said shaking his head.

He was cleaning up some stuff that Hoseok and Taehyung left in the living room. Jin could see that Taehyung started to push Y/n away a bit. That was something out of the ordinary even for him. Stil,l Jin had feelings for Y/n; they had sometime to get to know each other. He thought she was cute even before she did her little make over. Sitting behind her in class, he came up with reasons to talk to her or look at her. Chanlee was kind of being annoying lately. She hated that Jin and the others made Y/n apart of Bangtan.

Jin didn't understand her facsincation with space completely but he understood that it was a bit of an escape from the real world down here. He wondered if it was always her escape from having to truly recognize the broken relationship with her brother. Jin felt bad for her that night, he couldn't believe that her own blood would turn her back on her like that and that was why Jin understood Taehyung's anger that Junmyeon asked her out.

They all knew who hung out with who, meaning they knew that Baekhyun was friends with Junmyeon and Jin was supicious that Baekhyun maybe up to something again. Even Y/n was suspicious, he didn't see any indication that Y/n even wanted to go out with Junmyeon though. It was just the simple fact that he asked in the first place. It wasn't that long ago Chanyeol and the others were plotting to humiliate her.

She used to look at him like she was in awe of him. Sometimes he caught her still looking at him like that but it seemed more like she was getting closer with Taehyung. Jin was actually jealous of him because of that. He wanted more time with Y/n. He guessed because they were closer in age that they got along better even when they were fighting. The entire Maknae line adored her, not that the hyungs didn't. He wanted to get her alone for himself. Taehyung had held her hand a few times, he was the one to wrap his arm around her shoulder and get very cozy with her. Jin wondered if it might be the same.

He almost told her he liked her last night but the reality of that, after she had been asked out and after she had been conflicted about where her and Taehyung stood might've been too much. He decided to tell her something else he liked about her but there was alot that he enjoyed. He liked the way she pushed up her glasses when she looked down to read. He liked how she used the tip of her tongue to press to her top lip when she was calculating something in her head or understanding information. He liked how she pulled her hair behind her ear because it got in her face. She wore it out more now that she had the make over done by Taehyung and Gi Jong. He liked how her eyes sparkled a little when she saw or heard any mention of space and stars.

There was an Observatory he wanted to take her too he just had to get the tickets first. He was hoping he could get her on a week that she wasn't doing anything and he could take her. It was in Seoul it was the Bukchon Observatory. Jin was sure she would like it but also promised the boys a trip so he may have to invite everyone. He needed a place he could take her on his own. He could probably take her to some place in Busan like a beach or something. She'd probably been to the beach though.

Jin was trying to think hard about what he wanted to do and where he could take her when his phone went off with a text message.

Princess Peach: SOS

Jin: What's going on?

Princess Peach: Junmyeon is at my house and he's taking me out. I can't shake him.

Jin: Y/n you didn't have to say yes. What is he doing at your place?

Princess Peach: He stayed the night with Baekhyun apparently. If I didn't say yes he threatened to start a rumor. He's taking me to some ramen place in the city can you please kind of just show up and fake an emergency or something. Get me out of this. He won't leave me alone.

Jin: Sure. I'll get Namjoon and Taehyung to come with me.

Princess Peach: No! Don't bring Taehyung I don't want to see him right now. Can you bring Yoongi instead, he's calmer.

Jin wondered why she all of a sudden wanted nothing to do with Taehyung. He sighed but texted back and said,

Jin: Alright I'll bring Yoongi then. Text me the place you're at once you're there. We'll wait a few minutes before we come in. I'll text you when we're there just pretend like Namjoon is texting you.

Princess Peach: Thanks Jin Oppa!

He thought it was cute the way she called him oppa, sometimes she called him eomma just to tease him. He realized she was probably a bit stressed by this situation though and Taehyung might only make things worse by arguing with her again. Jin got up and walked into Namjoon's room. He was playing with his studio equipment and in the middle of playing something back while rapping off his lyrics. Jin waited a moment until he was done and said,

"Namjoon I need you to come out with me."

Namjoon looked back at him and dropped his headphones on his neck.

"Where?" he asked.

"This place ,Y/n's in a little bit of a situation and she needs help getting out of it." Jin answered.

"Is it about Junmyeon?" He asked.

Jin nodded and Namjoon sighed and got up. He walked over to the door and Jin and Namjoon went to Yoongi's room. Jin opened the door to see him asleep and he tapped on his shoulder lightly.

"What the fuck?" Yoongi groaned seeing Jin and Namjoon over him.

He rollled over and Namjoon said,

"Yoongi get up Y/n needs our help."

"Can't you two help her?" He groaned.

"We're serious Yoongi get up. She helped you." Jin said.

Yoongi groaned annoyed again and rolled out of bed. He started to get his jacket on but it was in his eyes that he was still half asleep. He rubbed his eyes and walked out the door then turned and said,

"Are you coming or can I go back to sleep?"

Jin smiled and Namjoon and Jin walked out of Yoongi's room with Yoongi in the front. They were headed out the door when Taehyung was walking down the hall.

"You guys are leaving?" he asked.

"Yeah but we'll be back okay." Jin said.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Just going to drive around for a little. We'll pick up some food on our way back." Jin said.

He pushed the guys out the door and grabbed his keys to close it behind him. Both Namjoon and Yoongi were looking at him suspiciously.

"Okay I know there's this unspoken thing between you and Tae because you both like her but do you think it was okay to lie?" Namjoon said.

"I wouldn't have lied if it wasn't for her. She doesn't want to see him right now and if I tell him we're going to go help her he'll want to come. It may start a fight between them again. Since Junmyeon is trying so hard to get at her." Jin said.

"Man what is it with those guys? Why do they want to ruin her so much?" Yoongi groaned.

Jin didn't know but he wanted to find out. For right now, he just had to get to her.....

Sunshine Squad: @Parktaemi @TwistedPDnim

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