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Genre: Fluff, Romance, Eventual Smut
Chapters: 2/?
Summary: Jungkook used to think the whole Butterflies in your Stomach thing was complete and utter bullshit until he met Kim Taehyung.
A/N: Most people write fanfics with Jungkook's name spelled like Jungkook, but I read a few that spell it differently so I'm trying it that way as well. It was easy before because I practiced, but that was for the first chapter. I haven't typed it that way in a while so I might forget to spell it that way every once in a while, forgive me. T-T I don't even know if I'm spelling it right at all, it's kind of a combination of how I've seen other writers type it.

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" Did you seriously put my phone in your pants?!" Jeongguk shouted after him. Taehyung didn't look back, waving his phone up instead and shouting back over his shoulder.

" Why don't you text me about it? I took the liberty of adding my number in your phone while I was waiting. I'm such a gentleman, aren't I?" He stopped for a minute to do a little bow. " I'll be waiting for your text, Jeonggukie!" Taehyung did a little heart with his arms before skipping off.

Jeongguk watched him disappear before looking down at his phone and shuddering before making his way back home, thinking about the day on his way.

Sure, Taehyung was a strange kid and Jeongguk didn't want anything to do with him, but he still couldn't bring himself to delete the only phone number in his phone.

Nobody's POV

He could just leave it. But did he really want to?

Jeongguk was sprawled over his couch in a strange position, staring at the number in his phone under the contact 'Taehyungie' and pondering what he should do with it.

He could just leave it. Or delete it. It's not like Taehyung had his number, right? He was waiting for Jeongguk to text him first. But...he's the first and only contact Jeongguk ever had.

Nobody had ever landed themselves a contact name in Jeongguk's phone. Many have tried, all have failed. But this, Taehyung...was different.

He sighed. "Taehyung, you little shit. What am I going to do with you?" Jeongguk muttered to himself before shutting off his phone. He shifted on the couch until he was facing the ceiling.

And then, he just stared at it. Because ceilings were cool. But actually, it was because he needed to think and what better way to think and to stare at the empty wall called the ceiling?

Jeongguk was thinking alright, but it was filled with nothing but Taehyung. The little fucker made his way into Jeongguk's head and now he was stuck in there and Jeongguk concluded that Taehyung was now part of his life whether he liked it or not.

That still didn't mean he would call him first, though.

Jeongguk's POV
" Where the fuck are my keys, you fucking twat?"

"Jeonggukie! You finally called!" Say I called Taehyung willingly and I'd probably try to choke you. The little shit stole my keys. I was forced. T-T

" Give me my keys, you little shithead."

" And I see you're having issues with locating your keys? You really gotta be more careful with that kind of stuff, Jeonggukie. You could get yourself locked out, you know..." I could almost hear the smirk forming on that little fucker's face. I swear... he's about to get a whooping.

"Where are you?"

"Omo! Jeonggukie, are you worried about me?"

" Is this going to be an everyday thing?"

" And you want to talk to me everyday? Wah, I'm such a lucky girl!" Taehyung squealed, raising his voice to mimick that of a schoolgirl's. "Oppa, I can't wait to see you!"

" And just where are you going to see this Oppa?" I can't believe I have to deal with this shit.

" Oppa, I just found some pretty keys at the movie theater!" Oh my gawd, does this guy expect me to go on some movie date with him just to get my keys back? There was a jingling sound on the other end, which must have been the little brat shaking my keys next to the phone.

" Wah, Oppa they're so cute!"

" Alright you little shit, I'm coming."

" Oh?" Taehyung purred into the phone.

" Not like that, you filthy minded freak!" With that, I ended the call and made my way over to the fucking movie theater.

" Jeonggukie, you're here! What took so long?" Taehyung already had a bucket of popcorn in his arms.

" Some asshole stole my keys and I had to walk all the way over here."

" Well... You know they have these transportation vehicles called buses these days, right?"

" I don't like buses." I crossed my arms.

" Wah, then you must be so fit, walking everywhere and everything!" Then he suddenly began petting my arm?

" What the- What the hell are you doing?" I brushed him off, but he just latched on again, marvel in the firmness of my arm.

" Woah, look at all this muscle..." He squeezed my arm repeatedly to the point where I could no longer escape him.

" So, what are we watching?" I sighed, knowing he wouldn't have given me the keys unless I did something for him.

" Wah, you catch on so fast. You know me so well already..." He began to fake tearing up, twisting his face into what was supposed to look like crying I guess.

" So...Are we gonna watch something or are you actually going to give up my keys without a fight this time?"

" Oh hell no, we're watching Iron Man and you're not getting these until we do." He whipped out my keys and jingled them in front of me, but I found myself not even trying to get them back. I rather enjoyed the thought of a nice movie than going back home to do nothing.


" Come on you little shit, we're watching the second one."

" B-But-" Taehyung stumbled along, letting Jeongguk drag him to the next Iron Man, a trail of popcorn following behind them.

Jeongguk wouldn't admit it, but he found himself having more fun with Taehyung than he ever could have by himself or with anyone else.

A/N: I thought I already posted chapter 2 but I looked back at my posted ones and I only had one so I wanted to finish typing this one >_<  I  just realized how smooth Taehyung is tho, both physically and in the story. Damn, wish it was that easy in real life, right?

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