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Let me put this out there first: I don't think GD cares all that much. An artist with his amount of success, and with hsi much passion for music, I don't think he made this album to top any silly chart. He knows his art, he knows his fans.

But Gaon decided to still be stinky, and here's why:

GD's new album is coming in a very different medium. First we had records, then tapes, then CDs, and now, GD is releasing an album on a USB stick.

While other charts decided they'd get with the future and count the USB as an album, Gaon stood firm and will not could an USB sales as an album sale, which strongly affects the outcome of who wins Inkigayo and Music Core especially.

It's a bummer to fans if it takes away some of GD's wins, but we have to remember that GD is pretty above it all and I'm almost certain he is just going on these shows to please his fans not to win any more awards lol.

GD fighting!

he only does it because it's in his contract... I would have to say... at this altitude that he finds himself... he could sell it as a USB weaved into a dog collar and give away a free sharpei puppy and it wouldn't make a bit of difference to him... just that we are happy that he made another track... #BestSonInLaw EVER!!!!
At this point I don't think winning music shows is going to bother GD that much...especially with the current situation around one of his best friends, TOP...still kind of annoying though...
who gives a fuck about winning a contest, especially when we all know who the real winner is. Real success comes from album sales. It's all good as long as we continue to support his musical career. Kwon Ji Yong Fighting!!!
Do being on the chart make him make more money? If not, then I think he'll be okay. The fans will know who the real winner is 😂.
He isn't the first to put out an USB album. Since the others were not counted, I guess it's a fairness thing too.
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