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Who wins this round?? I’m hearing insane stuff about birth secrets that’ll soon be revealed. If this show follows Gossip Girl, then there’s probably something involving Secretary Yoon and Esther Lee. Even if it doesn’t follow Gossip Girl, it’s still the most reasonable given their history. I’m hearing lots of other insane birth secrets that I won’t bother repeating. However, considering this is a show where Tan’s mom isn’t his mom, it’s hardly surprising. Regardless, I hope the writer focuses more on making the show interesting instead of coming up with insane plot twists to “blow our minds.” I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with the show’s serialized-but-I’m-really-slice-of-life format and I put my finger on it after watching Reply 1994. The main problem is that it’s missing mini-arcs. If we’re just following the lives of rich folks with no real discernible plot in sight, what we need are self contained stories in every episode (or per week). Moving along, I think these stills are for this upcoming week: Knowing this show, the former best friends are fighting about Tan’s fake mom and Eun Sang while one sibling is telling the other that he should disappear.
im excited for this one...kim tan fighting..
=D sounds great!!