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Recently there have been countless articles on wether GD's latest even and album at all
So GD took to his instagram to take good of the issue...
- You heard it here from GD, take what you will but remember "music is just music" -

G-Dragon, Kwon Jiyong your music will live on forever even in the hearts and minds of people who are not your fans...They say Dragons are eternal after all.

(He keeps updating his caption lengthening it to prevent misunderstandings. I will update here to as they come )
he is an "Artist" and with their views. anything is possible. this is his work. and if MY son in law wants his work displayed those way... THEN BYGOLLY he shall have his way! Dang Nabit! there is always going to be a critic and those that oppose change... are the Ones that will be left behind! Keep going Son! I got your back!
I think it's an interesting take on the concept. I'd want a physical CD, but this is still cool.
I loved this