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So I made a card earlier of DayDay posting his first Instastory. And I asked if anyone wanted me to introduce him or give more info on him and since the request was made by @SimplyAwkard, so is this card. Sorry for the late card @SimplyAwkward...
Introducing (sort of) DayDay Kim
So if you guys know anything about the kpop group DMTN formerly Dalmation, you will also know a little bit about Day Day. Dalmation debuted in 2010 with DayDay as the lead rapper but soon after in 2012 he decided to leave the group and pursue a solo career. Although there are rumors that he might rejoin them seeing as how he has been seen supporting the members in their solo activites as well as collaborating with them. The group itself has been on hiatus because of a members drug scandal.
DayDay's Profile
Real Name: David Kim
BD: 09/20/1983
Height: 170cm/5"6'
Blood Type: B
Education: Maryland University
Religion: Christian
Soundcloud: @allday_everyday
Instagram: @itsyourdayday
Twitter: @daydaydoggydog (twitter is currently not being used but here it is anyways)

Day Day is also a very well established producer and writer, writing lyrics for several artists as well as performing on their tracks. (You can check out some of what he did below). He was also in SMTM5 and has featured on a track on Jay Parks album Worldwide.
But just to give you a little taste of Dalmation and Day Day's past kpop boy days here is there debut songs

DALMATIAN -The Man Opposed

Dalmatian -Lover Cop

And this is a taste of what Day Day makes as a solo artist:
Out of the two mv's were you able to see where DayDay was? No? If not I'll give you a hint *he has a mohawk*. But how do you guys feel about Dalmation/DMTN? Did you already know of them? Did you like their earlier songs? Have you listened to any of the members solo works?
How do you feel about Day Day's solo work? Do you like his style or is he just not for you?

Below I have some pre-debut and after departure collaborations of DayDay ( I only added a few music videos but if you want the others I can try to find those as well.)
Note: All credits are for Lyrics/Rap Lyrics below
Found this little bit of info here
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