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How does Young Do show his interest in Eun Sang? By continuing to be a jerk, this time letting her fall into the swimming pool. But as we’ve seen in the preview for episode 11, Tan returns the favor, kicking him for his earned water dunk, and yet, even when wet, Young do maintains the smug expression. A job is a job, and being a class act and the consummate professional, Park Shin Hye plunged into the water without hesitation despite production’s concerns about the scene. Likewise could be said for Kim Woo Bin. I really hope the rumors are true that Tan and Young Do will revive their bromance. I’d really like to stop detesting Young Do, and if a rekindled friendship can turn him into a better person, then yay! He’s the most deserving of growth. the derevolutions - We Found That Beat - click on link to listen to track