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Early pix, isn't he gorgeous, his lips, eyes, smile...I so love Takukitty
Found him through Kdrama "The Lover" thought he was Korean because he spoke it so fluently. Did my research on him and found he was Japanese the best of both fell for him.
I love when he speaks Japanese his voice is super sexy speaking and singing. I found Cross Gene because of him and I haven't looked back. I have a war between my UB Key and Takuya they're the only idols that have made my heart flutter with the smallest of effort. That's why I call Key my King and Takuya my Prince but it's a never ending battle.I have a lot of biases from each group and other groups but these two just have something speical
See isn't he prince like? *sighs* he reminds me of another reason I call him a prince is because he reminded me of Tamaki Suho from Ouran host club with his cute like behavior in "The Lover" and in his Japanese movie Ai Ore!
I found Kpop when I was depressed and then progressed to Kdrama and it's helped me feel better. Because of Takuya I laughed he is one of many idols that hold a place in my heart and no one can replace him.
My favorite Cross Gene videos:

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