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It can be harmless, and you probably have all felt it.

To know what it is, watch this video and think about how you feel:

Are you laughing? Did you feel any joy from watching this person (hilariously) suffer? * i literally canot watch this without laughing my head off every time.

That feeling is Schadenfreude.
Now it's not necessarily evil of us to find pleasure in watching fail videos or America's Funniest Home Videos. You could very well argue its part of our nature.

The only problem is, the most obviously way that it is being felt by American society right now, might actually ruin us.

Donald Trump's campaign was ridiculous (depending on how you feel about him, that could be a positive or negative things) and his political stumbles made his opponents and 'haters' be fillllled with schadenfreude. The elated feeling you got from sharing some stupid tweet he wrote or some ridiculous mistake he made - there was that schadenfreude.

But the media saw that ridiculing, the laughter and shock, as interest. Trump would get them views.

People wanted to keep feeling that schadenfreude and the media was going to give it to them.

Why is this such a problem?

Well, one of my favorite YouTubers is here to help explain:

Let's keep our joy of seeing others fail in check everyone. Save it for America's Funniest Home Videos, eh? ;)

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So that's what it means? I've heard the term but I never actually look up the meaning 🙄.
7 months ago·Reply
I don't find videos like that funny when the person is actually upset. If they're crying or actually frightened, that takes all the humor out of it for me.
7 months ago·Reply
I guess I do laugh, but when it actually gets serious and goes too far I stop and know something is really wrong. I'm glad to know that the popular fraise "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" has an actual word that describes that 😆
7 months ago·Reply
as much as I love watching fail videos I didn't really find the kayak fail all that funny I just felt pity for how scared he was. as for the Trump election fiasco I honestly didn't watch it and was completely appalled by the fact that he was getting so much undeserved attention
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The guy in the first video seemed to me like he had some mental problems. And having him do something he is scared of and laughing at him when he does become scared seems to me cruel not fun.
2 months ago
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