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I started wearing makeup – in the traditional sense of mascara and foundation, in 7th grade, so I was probably about 12. I remember my sister brought me to MAC because her friend worked there and she did my makeup, very subtly, and then my sister bought me a couple of the items that she used. If you want more of an in depth story I actually posted the store here!
I got into makeup mostly because I had acne and I wanted a way to cover it and make it less noticeable. But when I really got into makeup, to the point I am now was through Youtube and girls like Elle and Blair Fowler.
NARS, MAC, L’Oreal, Benefit.
For a while it meant confidence, but now it just means fun and expression!
Foundation, mascara, blush and some kind of tinted lip balm.
I love how it can truly transform someone’s face or how it can subtly enhance someone’s natural features!
I usually prefer high-end but I have absolutely nothing against drugstore, and quite a few of my favorite products are drugstore, especially mascaras! I feel like so many high end mascaras are super overrated and costly considering you have to replace them every 3 months.
Blend, blend blend!! If you’re not sure its blended, go ahead and blend it again. When I first started wearing eye shadow, I thought you just put it on your lid and that was it, I didn’t understand that people would apply, then blend