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Que tal peeps!

I was pissed when I heard about this. This is not ignorance this is stupidity. Yes everyone will not know Jay Park but there was no reason for all those racist ass comments! Jay Park could buy a while team probably if he wanted. This made me reflect in some things. I used to want to go to South Korea until I heard about the racist stories from ppl of color...Black Americans. I'm loca so I know I would end up in jail and act a fool in S. Korea if ppl disrespected me. I was thinking damn are South Koreans that stupid towards Black ppl. But hell Western....Americans are just as bad when he it comes to Asian Americans or Asians in general. Black and white ppl were making those dumb ass comments about Jay Park!

I was making all kind of faces

But it is all good Jay Park just got more exposure and he still sexy and rich!! "Middle finger to the sky" -JP

What yall think?! Comment below!

Bro some people are never going to understand, that their racist comments are not needed.
All that was crazy!!! When I saw those I just shook my head and was like: REALLY????
girl I'm glad you made this post cuz I was gonna try to make a coherent post about how ignorant and obnoxious ppl are. I was genuinely annoyed at this Jay oppa handled this like a boss. he definitely doesn't have time to be dealing with ignorant ppl
yasss honey. Jay knows he is a boss. These peasants need to read a book and bring up their IQ level.
awe, my poor baby. jay is the best 😄😄
smh people are jerks nowadays
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