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💕BTS R.E.D 4th Anniversary Day 4: Favorite Ships Then & Now💕

Today Is My Kind Of Theme, I Love Talking About Ships ❤❤

(pls note this is just my opinion & I ship romantically)


I Don't Know Why I Use To Ship Taekook lol

I'm not saying they don't make a cute couple, but they seem to have more of a platonic relationship in my eyes.
But that doesn't​ mean I don't fangirl whenever they have a cute moment together, just don't as much :-)


lol... Do I Even Need To Explain Why I Love These Two So Much xD ❤

I've always had a thing for Soulmates & these two are the very definition of that. They care so much for one another, it really warms my heart.

Plus, they have lots of cute moments together ❤

& More Recently...
❤credit goes to the rightful owner❤

❤Other NOW Ships❤






Are Your Ships Different Compared To Before?

Feel free to let me know in the comments~

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I've always been with VKook, JiHope and NamJin... ;-; Slight YoonMin..
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