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Just a forewarning this chapter jumps around in the time line from present to the events that happened inbetween last chapter and this chapter.
Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

The last place you were was the open plaza waiting alone. You had shaken off Mintaek and your body guards to meet with Minho but then you were knocked out....

You were with Mintaek while Kiseok was at work. You two had been back home for two weeks now and Mintaek and Kiseok kept their deal. Mintaek would take care of you while he was away. Mintaek was still considered your Master while you were in his care. He kept you away from the club as much as he could but when he had to work he had to bring you in. Kiseok would pick you up after he got off of work and you two would go home. You were moving through your daily lives like normal, even the schedule he put you on was the same. You met with your editor, who loved the next chapter that you had finished and you had to start writing the next one before the deadline next month.

Kiseok never asked to read the chapters and you were happy about that because you were afriad he might find the link between the character's relationship. Still, every now and again you would look at your hand and see the ring and think how pretty it was and you were so excited to be getting married to him. Two years with each other and you two were moving forward in your lives. There was still somethings that needed to be worked out though.

Like your son.

You thought about that picture of him everyday. He should be with you but there was a deep part of you that wanted to stay away from him. A part of you felt like you'd mess up his life more but you wanted to see him so bad. You were upset that you never got to hold him for long. It wasn't until after he was born that you decided you were going to give him up for adoption and as you did you felt your heart break even more. You knew you couldn't take care of him though. The only way you could see Ju Kyung taking care of him was with the money he was making off the streets. You had no idea if he had gone clean for Haneul or if he was still doing dirty shit and that was concerning. If Kiseok would just let you talk to Ju Kyung maybe you two could work something out and you two wouldn't need legal action. You could see him more often. Kiseok just needed to keep his temper down. It wasn't like you forgave Ju Kyung for what he did but he had been taking care of Haneul for eight years now.

Haneul knew his father; it was you that he didn't know. You wanted to be delicate with this situation. If your mother had shown up out of the blue to meet you and tell you that your father had raped her when she was young.... well you honestly wouldn't be surprised because your father was a psychopath but you'd also be cautious of her too. You wouldn't really know to completely believe if she were a better choice than your father. The fact of the matter is if she came out of the blue your first question would be: why now? That's how you were thinking Haneul might think.

He may have been eight but eight year olds can still question the actions of their parents. Why now did you want to see him and take him from his father? Rape wasn't a concept you really wanted to explain to him, much less tell him that he was a product of one. You loved him and having to tell him that you gave him up to have a better life might seem confusing to him because that meant that he was living happily with his father and you were coming to disrupt that....

Where you were now was not where you wanted to be. You looked around at the locked up basement with pictures of other girls hanging around. You were alone. You weren't even tied up when you woke up maybe because whoever grabbed you knew that you couldn't get out.

Kiseok where are you?

Fear rushed through your body as you walked over to the board that had multiple pictures of you on it. When you were with Kiseok, when you were with Jay, when you were with Mintaek, every moment that you were either together or alone from months ago up until now. He'd been watching you long before he assaulted you. He probably thought after the last little memory of what happened between you two you'd head for the hills. He probably thought you'd run as soon as you found out Kiseok was tied to him but you wouldn't leave him...

Over the past two weeks, the media had been blowing up. At first it was because of Kiseok's proposal in Icheon that everyone was excited about. The one in the fairytale villiage, those who saw the propsal and took pictures posted it on their social media and the press got word of it which meant Minho knew about it too. Then it was when you and Kiseok were suddenly called out of the house by Minho because of an incident that had happened.

Kiseok was sitting down on the couch and you had been walking in from the kitchen. You headed over and purred a little as you crawled onto the couch and strectched out on his lap. He looked down from his books and said,

"What is it baby girl? Are you going to be my kitten now?"

You giggled and rolled over onto your back so you could look up at him. He scooped your head in his hand but he let you lay there looking up at him lovingly. He smiled at you and you felt so special because of it. You reached up to touch his face lightly and said,

"I figured I've always been a puppy to you."

"Well a little, you run and greet me when ever I get home but if I'm going away you get like a kitten. Playful when it's convient otherwise you don't want me bothering you." he chuckled.

"It's not that I don't want you to bother me it's that I don't want you to go. Every time you leave I'm left alone. I don't have good people skills I don't make a lot of friends." You said.

He lifted you up a little so he could peck your lips softly. He let you lay back down on his lap and you played with your hair as he spoke.

"There's a woman that works at my office, Hyun Jung. I can introduce you two. Maybe you'll like each other." he said.

"I have bad social skills." You said.

"We'll work through them. I'll take you to a few parties, my co-workers loved you." he said.

"That was just me trying to look like I belong with you."

"You do belong with me." He said.

You sat up slowly and looked him in the eye serioulsy for a moment. He looked at you wondering what was on your mind. He lifted his hand to comb through your hair but you wrapped your arms around his neck instead and held him close. You smiled and said,

"I know! No one else is good enough for my Master!"

He chuckled,

"Now you get it."

He pulled you away so that he could kiss you and you started to move so you could sit on his lap and kiss him. He licked his lips when you came up for a second and his breathing was already in pants. You smiled and cupped his face again to kiss him and his phone started to ring. He groaned into the kiss not wanting to be interupted but he pulled away to answer the call anyway. You decided to keep kissing him so you planted kisses on his neck and cheek while he spoke on the phone. It was Mintaek calling.

"What kind of situation?" he asked.

You looked up because now you could hear the seriousness in his voice. He looked at you and then signaled for you to get up. You hopped off his lap and he grabbed his coat.

"Get your shoes on we need to go." Kiseok told you.

You listened without question and he started heading for the door. You two drove to the cafe that you two normally drank at or got breakfast from and when you got there you were horrified to see the pictures that Ju Kyung was talking about all over the building. Some were of you naked and others were of you at Mintaek's club dancing. You had dropped to your knees because that wasn't even the worst part. The word "Whore" was written across it. You cried only a little bit but when Kiseok tried to get you up to leave you didn't move; you just sat in front of it and looked at the building. There was so much frustration bubbling up inside you.

There was press there trying to get a statement from Kiseok and you about what had happened. Mintaek was helping get rid of the pictures but there were people taking photos of the wall. Again, Minho worked like a ghost and was able to get away with his terrorization. Kiseok tried pulling you into the car and there was just a moment that you were so sick of Minho's shit and everything that life had dealt you that you broke. You turned back to look at the reporters and said,

"I have something to say."

"Y/n don't do this." Kiseok whispered in your ear.

He kissed the top of your head to keep you calm but you'd face his punishment afterwards if it meant getting your message across to Minho.

"Because I know you're watching this you sick bastard, you can keep trying over and over and over again and I promise I will not go anywhere. You want to break me so bad but this- this is just a sad attempt at trying to ruin me. Stop playing around in the shadows and do what you're going to do, face me like a man because I'm getting very tired of your shit. Come out and play Kang Minho. I'll be waiting for you." you said

When you got in the car Kiseok was upset,

"What the hell are you thinking Y/n he's trying to kill you." he snapped.

"No he's not. He's had plenty of chances to kill me. He's just trying to fuck with us and honestly I'm sick of it and I know you are too. I refuse to keep being a pawn is his fucking little game and I'm not going to continue to be a victim for him. Don't ask me to be."

"I'm not asking you to be a victim I'm telling you not to challenge the Devil." he said.

You looked at him,

"My life has been a series of fuck ups and shame. I am constantly chased after by misfortune and two weeks ago you agreed to marry that. The only way I can even start to change my luck around is by fighting back Kiseok. I have to let him know, he's not going to win this time."

"I don't want anything happening to you." he said.

"Nothing will."

Except something had....

You were in an intese moment; it was like a horror movie. Some part of you wanted to know the odds of you being able to survive, the other half of you didn't care as long as you went out fighting. You had hit a bit of resolve at somepoint....

It was a night spent with Mintaek when Kiseok had to work late. You two had just come back home and you were three days in but he was trying to catch up on stuff and redo confrences that he had missed because of your situation. You felt bad because you felt like you were starting to become a bit of a burden to him again. You knew he would do anything to protect you but you also wanted to be tougher. You wanted to be able to handle yourself.

Mintaek had taken you back to his place because he figured Kiseok wouldn't want you at the club. He had his assitant manger look after the building. You ended up sitting on the couch, playing with your nails while he watched TV. You were tired of being watched by Mintaek. It wasn't even Mintaek's fault. There were a few times he sang to you to get you calm. Even when he took you out to breakfast, when Jay was in charge of you, he was pretty respectful of your space. Jay may have said something to him or he already knew that you didn't want anyone else touching you but Kiseok. Except that one time it was broken the night Kiseok had Jay de-stress you. That Ice cube trick was cute you wanted to do it again.

You looked up at Mintaek and said,

"Could you show me how to defend myself?"

Mintaek looked up at you like he was wondering where that request even came from. You blinked at him waiting for an answer but he was waiting for an explanation that should've been fairly obvious in the first place.

"I just want to know what to do if something happens." You said.

"You'll be fine Y/n we're not going to let anything happen to you."

"You can't make that guarentee to me Mintaek even you know that. It's the same when I used to work for you." You said.

He got up and walked over to you and placed his hand on the arm of the couch so he could lean in and look you in the eye. He looked down at your lips and licked his own then looked you in the eyes.

"When you were working for me I wanted you so bad. You may not have been safe from customers but I guarenteed you were safe, at the very least, from me." he said lowly.

"I'm marrying Kiseok, he's not going to share me anymore." You said.

Mintaek nodded and then grabbed your neck. He did it so quickly the action startled you and he looked you in the eyes, while his were darkening. He came closer to you and you tried to back up but you were already pressed into the couch. He grabbed your hand and his thumb ran up the middle of your palm.

"While your arms a free you're going to use the bottom of your palm,"

He lined the bottom of your palm with his thumb then brought your hand to his nose.

"You're going to push hard and force your palm up to break the nose. Of course if it's a man it's obvious that you can just kick him in the dick and run away." he said.

"If I'm attacked from behind?"

"You were attacked from behind before; you already know how to defend yourself." Mintaek said letting you go.

"He knows I know a little bit but not enough to really defend myself. What if he comes after me with a knife or a gun? What am I supposed to do?"

"Stay put until we show up."

"You're not helping." you said getting annoyed.

Mintaek grinned greedily. He leaned over you and smiled,

"Is my little puppy getting an attitude?" he teased.

"Mintaek if I let you do something to me will you be serious?"

"What's your proposal?"

You sighed,

"I will let you punish me how ever your twisted little heart desires."

That made him smile even more.

"I'm assuming the no sex rule stays considering you two are going to get married but punishing you wil be fun and Kiseok may even let me try you out a little if you're in the mood."

"I need a way to assure my safety if something were to happen Mintaek. So if I let you punish me and I ask Kiseok to let us three have a three way will you help me?" You said.

"You're a very good puppy." He smiled.

He kissed your cheek and then pecked your lips but he didn't go much further than that which made you relax more. He stood you up and turned you around. He showed you how to slip your hand under the arm to pull up, he even used his full strength. You were able to move his arm up enough to bite him lightly. He said once you did a bite it would better if you could hit your attacker in a place that would stall him. He suggested pepper spray in the eyes which wasn't a bad idea. Or maybe a tazer.

By the end of your little lesson, Mintaek actually figured out what you could hold onto that would really help you defend yourself. He showed you a lot of tactics, even how to disarm someone holding a knife and gun to you. Before Kiseok arrived though, he gave you a small pocket knife you could fit in your shoe. You thanked him and convinced Kiseok into a punishement session with Mintaek. The three way took sometime to convince him but you had told him that Jay had permission to fuck you one night and you two had a threesome with him. Mintaek was still considered a Master that you had to obey when Kiseok wasn't around so it was only fair that he let him have that one benefit. Kiseok was relectant but considering the arguement he let it be. Still he said that he would decide the time when to do it but he wouldn't tell you when he was going to let it happen.

You believed that was just his way of covering up that there was no way in hell he was going to let that happen now. It seemed like now since you two were getting married the things he normally wouldn't have a problem with agreeing to he didn't want to let happen.

The thrill of being punished and dominated by Kiseok was like getting high. You reached a point of ecstasy with his roughness that you didn't with anyone else. It was unexplainable and confusing at the same time since your virginity wasn't necessarily taken in a sweet manner. Still there was a huge turn on about being fucked hard and talked to roughly, like you were bad, dirty and horny as fuck. That was something you only wanted to share with one person and that was Kiseok; however, exploring more sexual activites and having a threesome once in a blue moon didn't take away the fact that you loved him and that you belonged to him.

Even if you were requried to call Jay and Mintaek Master or at least follow their orders like they were your masters, they knew very well that you didn't belong to them. It was a temporay moment in time that they held responsibility over you. You remembered Kiseok saying to you that a Master is responsible for the safety and care of his Little. A Master was judged on how well he treated his submissive, cared for her because no matter how rough he fucked you he was also responsible for making sure your head was right. If your heart was hurting he was expected to fix it, if you were in distress he was expected to relieve you. If you had a bad day he was there to make it better but the same went for you. The realtionship was give and take. Kiseok took charge and you gave him your obedience. He was at your beck and call and you were at his.

That's what Kiseok wanted the most: obedience. He liked the control, he liked to be in charge, it's what made him such a good boss and a good Dom. Those that didn't understand the lifestyle you two lived saw you as dependant and, honestly, at the very beginning, you were very dependant on him. You were broken beyond your understanding but some how still surviving. As Kiseok started to piece you back together, it became something else. You started doing something you loved; you started writing and publishing books. You may not have told him off the back but it was something you would've never saw yourself doing. You tried it out because you didn't want Kiseok thinking you were with him for money but you also wanted something that was completely yours.

Yes, you depended on Kiseok to keep you safe. It seemed natural that you would look to the one you loved to keep you safe. It was how your father originally treated you until you grew up. Still along the way you became more of a person. You were stronger than you were before. You didn't just let things happen to you anymore. When Minho attacked you, before you even realized it was Minho attacking you, you fought him off. You told off Ju Kyung. You had become stronger in your two years with Kiseok than you had ever in your eight years away from your father. It wasn't that you were dependant on Kiseok it was just that you were growing and learning to become more independant while still submitting to Kiseok. The thing was that you loved being submissive to Kiseok. You didn't want the relationship any other way however, you weren't going to continue to be helpless. You weren't going to continue to worry Kiseok and even though you knew and even expected him to protect you, you were putting your foot down at being the helpless little creature that needed someone to look after you because you were always being abused.

You refused to be a victim any longer....

Now you were in the basement looking around at everything that was in there. Pictures, drugs that had been used on others, a journal, boards of other girls mixed in with yours. Files on the girls that were with Kiseok. He was doing his research quite thoroughly. He probably didn't have to do much on you but just dig deep enough to find out what would make you tick, even you wondered why it took him so long to post those pictures. Kiseok still hadn't found out about the letter or at least from what you knew he didn't know about it. You had put it somewhere in your draw and burried it under your clothes. Jay said to keep it just as evidence against Minho.....

What drove you away from Mintaek and his buddies was Minho. He'd sent you a text. Who knows how he got your number but he had Haneul with him. Haneul didn't seem like he was in danger but the text that followed was threatening you. If you didn't show up at the main plaza like he told you to, alone, he'd hurt Haneul. You weren't going to let anything happen to him. You called Hyukwoo, his number thankfully was the same, and as you made your way there you had Hyukwoo give you Ju Kyung's new number. Once you had that you called him up,

"Why the hell does Minho have Haneul?" You said pissed.

"He fucking has him! Shit I've been looking everywhere for him. I should've known. I can't find my nanny anywhere. Is he alright?"

"He's fine for right now but why isn't Haneul afraid of him?" you asked.

"Because he knows Minho, he calls him uncle because he knows we're friends."

"When all of this is done, I'm taking my son back." You said.

"Don't try and start a war."

"You fucking raped me don't ever forget that Ju Kyung."

"I haven't! I haven't for one day stopped thinking about the way it felt being inside you. Kissing you, fucking you. Do you really think I could ever forget the fucked up things I did to you or the way it made me feel? You were drunk Y/n and so was I."

"That doesn't make it right," You snapped into the phone.

"That doesn't fucking make any of this right. It doesn't matter how fucking drunk I was or how drunk you may have been; you not only took my first time from me but you invited that monster to join in and now he has my son. Our son, you claim to love him but you invited the man that raped me into your house and got Haneul comfortable with him. That sick manipulating sadistic fucker has my son and he can kill him. This is on you just as much as it is on me. When this is over, I am taking him from you."

"Y/n I love Haneul and I'm not giving him up without a fight. We can work something out, we can figure something out. A custody battle will be hard for him you know that."

"The same way being kidnapped by his psycho 'Uncle' would be hard on him?"

"You gave him up."

"To protect him for shit like this!" You screamed into the phone.

Your blood was rushing and, if Ju Kyung had been in your face when you were talking, you would've smacked him, punched him in the face even.

"I loved you Y/n even when you didn't see it. You're right it doesn't make any of what I did right but for eight years I've been taking care of him. He knows I'm his father."

"I'm done with everyone trying to fuck with me. I'll call you back when Haneul is safe." you said.

You had hung up just as he had told you to wait and you waited for Minho to come for you. That's when he got you from behind. You didn't have time to fight him back; he caught you with a rag to your face and you were knocked out...

That's when you woke up here.

The door creaked open and you turned around to see Minho standing at the door and then he was pushing a little boy inside the room.

"Haneul." you breathed in disbelief.

You forced back tears; you wanted to cry, he looked so beautiful. Your little baby boy. You got down on your knees and Haneul stepped up to you slowly. He looked back and Minho said,

"Go on, it's true she's your mother." He smiled.

Haneul turned back to you and you looked up at Minho wondering why he was revealing that to him. You opened your arms and asked him for a hug and he stepped up and gave you a hug. Despite your best efforts not to cry, a few tears left your eyes and you began to pet his hair and his face,

"My little baby boy."

"Appa said you were away."

You tried to hold back more tears and you nodded and said,

"Yes baby I- wasn't fit to be around you for a while."

"I don't understand."

"I couldn't take care of you sweety. Your father did though, yeah? He's been good to you?"

At the mention of Ju Kyung, Haneul smiled big and nodded. It broke your heart a bit that your beautifully innocent son looked like he thought the world of Ju Kyung, the man that raped you and the friend that betrayed you but you were just a stranger he was told was away. You held his tiny hand in yours and your vision blurred again. A tiny hand patted your head and you wiped your eyes to get a clear look at him. Haneul smiled and said,

"It's okay Eomma I love you too."

He was going to break you down right in this basement. You hugged him tight and kissed his head,

"Eomma loves you so much baby. I love you so much." You cried.

You wiped your eyes and looked up at Minho. He had a gun in his hand and he was flashing it towards you. Haneul wasn't aware of it, he was calm about all of this; he trusted Minho but you didn't. You knew what true evil was. He was signaling for you to get up and come with him. You wiped your eyes and took Haneul's hand.

"We have to go baby." you said.

"Are we going to see appa?" he asked.

"I think Appa will be with us shortly okay." you said.

He nodded. You'd figure out what you were going to do with Haneul and Ju Kyung later but right now you just needed to protect Haneul. Minho covered his gun so that Haneul couldn't see it but he was directing you towards the car. You had to get in the front with him and he had Haneul in the back. He drove to the penthouse and made you take them up to the top floor. You opened the penthouse door and saw Kiseok pacing the floor on the phone. He looked at you and then saw Haneul and a face of devesation came over him. It was like he now realized why you had disappeared from their sight.

"I have to go." he said.

He hung up the phone. Minho leaned down to talk to Haneul,

"Hey buddy, there's a TV in the other room why don't you go watch some cartoons while me and the other adults talk. Then I'll take you to go see your daddy, okay?"

Haneul nodded and headed off in the direction that Minho showed him, telling him to turn the TV up. When Haneul was out of sight, Minho waved the gun so that you two would know to walk upstairs. Kiseok grabbed your hand and kissed the back of it.

"I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too." you said back.

"In your bedroom." Minho said.

Kiseok walked to the door of your bedroom and he walked in and you followed behind. Minho closed and locked the door behind him and told Kiseok to sit down. He pulled you close to his body and kissed your neck. The action made you pull away but he yanked you close again. Kiseok moved towards you but Minho held the gun up to your head and Kiseok stopped in his tracks and sat down.

"Now you're getting it." he said.

You felt Minho's hand reach your stomach with his gun still by your head. You couldn't move. He kissed your ear and you felt your skin crawl, he whispered to you,

"Take your shirt and bra."

The words were just loud enough for Kiseok to hear and you could see the fury in his eyes. He was about to go insane bound to that chair and if he moved at the wrong moment.... You were dead.

Of all things and places to be.... This was not one of them....

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