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The KNK community has a giveaway contest going on right now. All you have to do is make a card with your screenshot results and tag the KNK team. Simple and fun!

Who will I marry?

I got my bias wrecker. I would've loved to marry Seungjun but I have a better chance with Inseong. I would be happy with any member, honestly because they are all so gorgeous and sweet.

Your traditional wedding dress?

I like something comfortable and free. This seems like what I need. American dresses are usually very tight and not comfortable at all. So this dress is perfect for me.


Inseong and I will live in an apartment complex which is suitable for me because I'm used to smaller space. I'm sure he'll live XD

Honeymoon destination?

Yes we get to adventure to somewhere new. There are some interesting places in South America. So it should be fun!


I've always wanted a boy before a girl anyway, so it works out perfectly.


I am a strong animal lover and I know all of KNK love animals. But we don't have the time to have animal yet. So, we will wait on having any pets until our son grows up some more.

Single Oppa who can't get over me?

We were high school sweethearts but I instantly fell for Inseong's charms and got married to Inseong. Therefore Dong Wook can't forget about me since I was his first love. But I still hold a special place in my heart for him since he is also my first love.

Album to win?

I'd honestly love to win any of their albums because I don't own any of them. The only K-pop album I own is Flight Log: Departure because GOT7 is my UB group and I've always wanted an album by them. My best friend got me their album for my birthday. So, yes I just love their music and would love to own any of the albums.


Well there are my results! What's yours? Join in the fun and post you own results and make sure to tag the KNK team!
Bye - Bye!