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Hello Hello Beautiful ARMY !!!! ♡♡♡ Today is the 4th day of our event! Today's theme is Favotite Ships Then Vs. Now! Personally i pretty much ship all of Bts.. but im not gonna lie .. there were a few that stood out !! So lets check them out !!! ♡♡

Then (2013-2014 ish.. ): I was a sucker for some JiKook!! Simply because the one sided love really got to me! Even to this day im still rooting for JiKook!
Now (2016- 2017): SugaKookie is such a quiet ship that it really peaked my intrest. I have even caught myself watching SugaKookie cute moments on Youtube !! xD

And that brings me to the end of this card !! Im literally a sucker for any BTS ship. What are some of your favorite ships ?! :D


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jhope × bts I just ship him with everyone
Hahahah thats so cute !! 😂😊