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Hello Universe! It's Melissa, one of your Pentagon mod supporters! I'm here to announce that we are having a contest for the end of the 2nd Quarter. Every one is Welcome to give it a try. We having a Pentagon Photo Edit Contest!
Here are the rules for the contest:
The photo edits have to Pentagon related only.

You can enter as many as you can. The more you enter, the more chances to win.

It starts June 17 and the deadline is June 24th

Winners will be announced after we review the entries.

Now for the you will get:
2nd prize: Pentagon Bias desk set, which will include journal, planner and pens and penicls with bias stickers to put on them.

1st prize: Pentagon Ceremony album plus bias desk set.
Awesome prizes, right? We are looking forward to see all your Pentagon Photo Edits.

We wish everyone Good Luck!

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