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TMZ has posted a video showing Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski saying to an Asian fan wearing his jersey "They told me he could only cook fried rice!" He then proceded to call him "Leslie Chow," the name of the Asian character in the movie The Hangover. Gronkowski has gotten in trouble in the past and has been told by the Patriots to "tone it down." How do you think the Patriots will act on him? Earlier in the season Riley Cooper faced a fine but not a suspension by the Eagles for calling a man at a concert a "nigger." Is the NFL facing an image issue? First the Cooper incident, then the NFL hazing incident with Incognito and Martin, and now this racially insensitive video pops up. Seems to me like the NFL is going to start cracking down hard, similar to what the NBA did to rebuild its image.
unstoppable TE... stupid person
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