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OK so this is going to be a long chapter I'll divided it up with a bit of pictures So off we go I hope you enjoy what is to come.


"Wait!" Belle screamed out as the guys were about to get them all kicked out. She slipped past Hobi and ran between the group.

"Belle move." Yoongi said

"No, there is no need for a fight."

"There is. Clearly he needs a lesson." Kookie said pointing at the dude.

"No. I want to stay here longer." Belle turned to the guy. "Leave before I can't stop them." the guy looked at his buddy and left.

"Listen guys if you are going to be starting fights with every guy that talks to us, you'll need a go back to the hotel."

"Like HELL we are. He was trying to force himself on you! Did you like that?" Tae asked

"No, I didn't but you don't need to start a fight, a simple pull the guy off move would have worked just as fine." Belle was thankful for the guys but at the same time a little annoyed.

She moved back to the bar. Eliza moved past Hobi and joined her friend.

"What other drinks do you ladies want to try?" the bartender asked.

"Can I try sex with the bartender."

"Do you have the ingredients?" he asked nervous.

"Yeah here" Belle handed her phone off and glanced back at the guys. They were all still standing there. Belle smiled and turned back to the bartender.

"Here you go, also I put my number in your phone. Call me whenever." he smiled at Belle.

"Thanks, um could I get one other drink?"

"Sure." He said

Belle told him what she wanted and Eliza started laughing.

"Oh I know who that is for." Eliza giggled

"What! I looked at him and was like yes for him."

"Here you go." the bartender said setting the drink down.

"Thanks!" Belle got up and walked over to the guys.

"I got you something!" She stopped in front of Kookie.


"He can't drink Belle he's underage here." Jin interjected.

"I know that, but here." she handed the drink to Kookie and he sniffed it then smiled.

"Oh thanks for this. Cheers." He gulped down the drink in one shot. Which Belle took hers too.

"Kookie!" Everyone yelled.

Kookie and Belle started laughing.

"It was just kool-aid " Kookie smirked

"For real?" Namjoon asked

"Yes!" I said and laughed and walked away. This was a funny. Belle grabbed Eliza and they went to dance.

The girls were dancing and having a good time for most of the night.

"Hey I'm going to go get a kiss on the lips." Belle yelled at Eliza

"OK it's really good." she said and continued to dance around.

Belle walked past a few of the guys. A few had spaced themselves out over the bar so they could keep an eye on them better. She Smirked and as she walked by she brushed her hand against his arm. He got up and followed her.

"Where are you going?" he asked

"I want a kiss on the lips." she said with a giggle.

"Wait what did you say?" he asked and she stopped and turned around to face him. He had still been moving and was now very closer to her face.

Her breath caught in her chest, she was now getting nervous, but she was going to say this and see what would happen. She smirked.

"I want a kiss on the lips."

This time he didn't ask again and pressed his lips to hers ever so gently. She closed her eyes and snaked her arm around his neck to pull him closer to her. The kiss became more passionate and was getting heated. Until someone coughed. Then they stopped. Belle was smiling like crazy.

"You aren't a game." he said still looking into her eyes.

"Tae." she didn't want to have this discussion tonight.

"No you need to know, I just don't know where your at and I got jealous. I like you and I don't want to pressure you into like me."

"Tae, there's no pressure I like who I like, and I can't change that. So It doesn't matter what you or Kookie do, my mind will make that choice later."

"So you don't know who you like yet?"

"All I know is you both like me and I like you both."


"Are you two done?" they turned to see Jimin.

"yeah." Tae said

"OK we need to get over there now." Jimin pointed to where Eliza was.

"Are you kidding me I leave her for a moment and that happens." Belle ran over to the dance floor.

While Belle was away A guy had come over to dance with Eliza and neither of the guys that liked her liked that. First one to make his way to the couple was Jin. He cut in very nicely. Eliza smiled and blushed a tiny bit.

"Eliza, I...hope there isn't too much pressure on you to pick. If you really don't want me, I'll be fine. I just want you happy." Jin said to her at this moment Eliza started to cry.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry." Jin said as he was shoved away from Eliza.

"What the hell did you do?" Yoongi said

"I was just letting her know not to stress over us."

Yoongi had started to get in Jin's face.

Namjoon pushed Yoongi back.

"Dude stop."

"No she's crying." Yoongi pointed over to Eliza.

Yoongi tried to go to punch Jin. This was when Belle came in. She pushed Yoongi. His face was shocked.

"You son of a bitch! Why’d you have to do this? Why?" Belle yelled at Yoongi.

"I didn't do that." Yoongi pointed to Eliza who was still crying but now jhope and Jimin were comforting her.

"Yes you did, Her brain is going to explode, she was fine being oblivious, and now since she knows who likes her it's going to get weird, see that crying? That's because she's gonna have to pick one of you eventually. So now it's going to be awkward around you three, especially you. You fucked up buddy you fucked up big time." Belle moved away from Yoongi and was now by Eliza.

"Let's go back to the hotel" Jimin said

"Wait Belle, you can't seriously think I messed this all up do you." Yoongi asked

"Yes, Yes you did. You three need to remember Belle is the clever one and Eliza is the dumbfounded one. I catch the stuff she doesn't listen to, that stuff she's oblivious to it but tonight, we'll now We all Are fucked! You have destroyed us Yoongi!" Belle was angry and upset that this night got destroyed with Yoongi opening his big mouth. They all stood outside the bar waiting for a taxi or something to take them back to the hotel. Belle was staying close to Eliza when she smacked her hand on something hard.

These are the pictures Eliza shows Belle

"Owww" Belle shook her hand trying to get rid of the pain.

"Look it's Taemin." Eliza said holding up a picture.

"Oh he's so cute there."

"Does that make your hand hurt less."

"No." Belle pouted with a laugh.

"Well it didn't work." Eliza said going through her phone.

"He's a bad bad boy! He looks cute and fluffy in that picture and...." Belle stopped to look at the new picture Eliza held up.

"Does that help?" Eliza asked holding up a sexy picture of Taemin.


Eliza laughed at her friends reaction.

"Turn him off! Why!!!!" Belle whined

"I can't turn him off." Eliza said calmly.

"Yes you can." Belle still whined

"I can turn him on." Eliza said with a straight face.

"Noooo!" Belle yelled and the two girls laughed

"I'm sorry." Eliza spoke quietly

"Look my hand is so red from hitting it. like in these 3 spots." Belle showed her hand to Eliza with a pout. Eliza blows on Belle's hand.

"Thanks that feels nice."

"I'm not kissing it but I'll blow on it." Eliza said hoping to help her friend.

"Kiss the boo boo!" Belle demanded

"No I said I'd just blow on it!"

"Woah what will you blow on?" Namjoon asked walking up to the two.

"Her hand look what she did." Eliza held Belle’s hand up to Namjoon.

"Namjoon make it not hurt." Belle held her hand out to him. He laughed and kissed the red spots.

"Oh look at that pains all gone." Belle smiled.

"Really?" Eliza asked shocked

"Yup, thank you Joonie!

"No problem" he laughed.

After several minutes of waiting they were all finally back at the hotel. On the way to the Hotel Eliza had been on her phone. Right when they got out of the car she held her phone up to Belle.

These are a few of the shoes that Eliza and Belle go through. Can you figure out what kind of heel the last one is?

"Oh my gosh is that ice cream or really shoes?"

"Shoes." Eliza responded pulling the phone back to look at more shoes.

"Wow, I wouldn't wear that, they're pretty ugly. I bet you have to find something amazing to match with it......why would you want a sandwich sandal." Belle said as Eliza showed her another picture.

Eliza laughed

"That blue shoe with the clear one....yeah! That one's pretty." Belle and Eliza were now looking at shoes.

"uh." Eliza showed another picture.

"What the hell! Are those grocery carts or baby chairs?"

"Baby Chairs?" Eliza said looking at the picture confused. They both stood there quietly for a few seconds and examined the photo.

"Yeah because out if that picture you notice her toe!"

Eliza looked at Belle and laughed.

"I don't."

"I just don't know what kind of design that was." Eliza continued as the elevator door dinged. They all filed onto the elevator.

"What the heck are they? Chairs, carts, a high seat? What is it?" Belle was getting frustrated

"A wheelchair?"

"What? Most have 4 wheels not 3."


For the short ride to their floor they went through more pictures of shoes and eventually got off the topic. When the elevator jerked to a stop Belle was ready to run to her room. The door opened and She was gone. She quickly unlocked her door and made it to the bathroom just in time to release her stomach. She hated throwing up. She felt her hair move. When she was sure she was done she wiped her face then turned to see Jimin there.

"Thank you."

"Come on let's get you to bed." He said lifting her up.

"Jiminie!" she wrapped her arms around him and nuzzle her face into his neck. She giggled.

"You smell good."

"Thanks." he laughed

"Will you stay the night?" Belle asked into his neck. Trying not to bite into his neck that was tempting her.

"No I shouldn't."

"Please Jiminie. " Belle pouted.

Jimin finally got her to her bed and laid her down. He tried to move but she had her hands wrapped around him.

"No way, I want you to stay...I'll feel better if you're here."

"Fine." he finally caved.

"Yay." Belle moved over to make space for him and then when he got comfortable she nuzzle into him and started to doze off.

"I like you a lot Jimin." was the last thing she said before she was asleep.

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A few of the guys aren't going to be happy Jimin spent the night......tsk, tsk.
😂😂😂😂 omgosh its all so random . . . . but so accurate of what occurs. pinteresr is a tipsy/drunk person best friend this night!!! still think shopping cart or high chair for shoe. That fight omg you used the line belle the clever one and eliza dumbfounded/ oblivious. hmm wonder how awkward it'll get now . . .