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Que tal peeps!

This edition is for the grown and smexy! We will have a discussion in how Namjoon would knowledge [ cough, cough]. I'm not talking book smart here!

Getting (Not my words)

Lets see.. Namjoon would talk you up first, so you’d be nice and juicy for him. Namjoon could get carried away and start going really fast but when he realizes it he’ll slow down and lick you slower. Eye contact would be big for Namjoon, he’d want to see your face and reaction to what he was doing to you. Although Namjoon would love eye contact he wouldn’t force if you looked away to groan he’d still take it as a compliment but if you want him going crazy, look at him. His hands would be on your pelvic bones to feel when you bucked into him. He wouldn’t hold you down because he’d really want to feel you shake and when you came he would hum on your folds and lick you with his eyes closed. Namjoon would hold your shaking form and watch you pant, getting off on what he had done to you.

My idea

Nanjoon would not dive into it right away. He would have you sit on his lap facing him with your legs wrapped wround him. Basically ya womanhood only covered by your garments. He would explore your mouth with deep kissing and intense making out. Then he would tease you from the outside of your panties. He loves hearing you moan softly and then without warning he would slip a finger deep inside you to see your reaction. As he pumped hia finger into you he would kiss your ear and talk dirty to you....demanding you look him in the eyes.

Then he would lay you down and kiss your inner thighs while palying with your breasts and sliding your panties to the side. He would love being in control of your reactions. He would move his lips from your thighs. Then he would kiss your folds and spread you with his hands. He would kiss your nub making a loud kiss noise and latch in to it while adding two fingers into you. Then he would again demand you watch him as he does a no hands and hold you down while his mouth made loud noises and bring you to your horizon.


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