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MS: You really like Cha Eun Sang? YD: Is that what he/she/they said? YD: I look at Cha Eun Sang with this look. Tan: I’m not the director ‘s (JS) son. I’ve lied to you all this time. I’m sorry. Yoon: I think this is as much as I can help you personally. Won: Are you crazy? YD: You’re ES’s mom, right? YD: A maid’s daughter. ES: If you want to tell the other kids, go head. If you want to bother me, go ahead. YD: I didn’t say anything. ES: What you are going to do to me? YD: I’m not going to do anything (literally, he said “What is there for me to do?) Tan: Don’t think about threatening Cha Eun Sang with something like this. YD: Don’t mindlessly protect Cha Eun Sang. If you don’t protect Cha Eun Sang, I will protect everyone. Tan: If I go back to the way I was before in order to beat you, you’ll really die. Tan: It was nice to see you in my dreams. Tan: You missed me too. Cr: Jooni
@divalycious awesome thank you! ^^
@2Nell … done :)
omomo...again...kim tan kiss again eun sang...wow...very agresiv ah..
Is it possible to put the video infront of the image? tried sharing it with some friends that thought the video wasnt included ><
Thanks for putting this up so quickly! :)
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