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JYJ’s side has revealed that it is taking a tough stance on netizens who make malicious attacks on the group. Their agency, CJeS Entertainment, posted on their official homepage on November 12 that the JYJ members had met with one such netizen who had spread vicious rumors and false information about the group. CJeS revealed, “Today, a netizen who had spread vicious rumors and false information about the JYJ members on DC (Inside) Gallery came to the office to apologize. The netizen’s parents hoped that there would be special consideration given as the netizen is a minor, but we did not accept. We will carry on with compensation claims and civil action, which we have been doing. There will be no consultation or special consideration given to these netizens.” The agency added, “Recently, there has been a great increase not just in malicious rumors and false information spread about the JYJ members, but also abusive and slanderous comments corresponding to internet defamation. We are working with the cyber investigative intelligence unit to ensure thorough investigation is carried out.” “From now on, we will be addressing the spread of malicious rumors and obvious rumors in real time, and netizens who perpetrate such acts will receive stern warnings.” JYJ’s agency has always taken a tough stance with netizens who commit malicious acts towards the group. They made a similar post on their homepage in December 2012, stating that CJeS would not hesitate to take legal action and warning netizens of the legal consequences of their actions.