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Actor Ji Sung from KBS2′s Wed-Thurs drama “Secret Love” has recently finished a recording session for an OST track for the drama. A representative of Ji Sung reported, “On November 9, Ji Sung recorded the OST track ‘Wuthering Heights‘ (also known as “Heights of Windstorm”)at a studio in the Cheongdam neighborhood of Seoul.” Ji Sung looks cool and comfortable as he records the song in a low cut blue shirt. 기사 이미지 The audio version was also released on the official Sony Music Korea YouTube channel. Through the audio, we can hear Ji Sung’s husky and emotional voice in this dramatic ballad. Ji Sung currently stars in the popular drama “Secret Love” as Min Hyuk, a second generation Chaebol businessman. Even though Min Hyuk is handsome and intelligent, he is also unkind and cold hearted. He tragically loses his loved one in a criminal hit and run accident. The drama airs at 10pm.
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