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Before viewing these pictures,
would like everyone to know
have posted them to one other
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to keep in mind that I am not seeking advice on improving my art. I'm using this process to refresh, build upon, and polish my artistic capabilities. However, I do ask that viewers comment their over all thoughts about the characters (diversity, quality features, dislikes) and maybe things like what you'd expect the characters to be like. Now, the setting is an other worldly fantasy pirate manga very
ly based on historical events. The art style might not replicate the manga and anime style very well, but
drew these first pictures using as little reference as possible in order to get my best minds eye image. There will be many creatures based on lore from different places that I could think of and will continue to add(any suggestions for creatures would actually be very helpful).

Ariauna The Axe Maiden

The main character of my story. She's a half elf half human, from a well off family. Despite her pampered lifestyle, she worked hard to learn several disciplines to aid her in the future. One day, tragedy strikes as her country turns against her family and kind and she's forced to flee for her life to their rivaling country. In order to exact revenge against the crown that condemned her, she soon finds herself the captain of a fleet of pirate ships and begins her reign of terror from sea to sea. Since this is a fantasy setting, I really wanted to add dragons, they're awesome, don't deny it. So instead of the stereotypical parrot, thought, why not a small, position spitting dragon!!!! =D (design still in production)


Ariauna's unwelcome helper. Although he was only ordered to keep an eye on her, he help but to keep her out of trouble or harms way when ever he can. It helps to have advanced formal training when it comes to such things, which he just so happens to have.


He's pig-headed, greedy, and all around strange. Cursed with a pigs nose because of his greed, he impulsively eats just about anything, unfortunately he still only has the stomach of a normal human. His main specialty is in innovations; constantly trying to the next deadliest weapon.


After serving her people, the fairies (she is half dark elf lf as well), as the guardian of their sacred island ( A high honor), Alvashanti is given the opportunity by and old friend to see the world, experience fun with friends, and adventure!


This guy is the x-military muscle for hire, but that
mean he's only there to get paid; the money is necessary to support his younger sister, but his initial intent for joining was to win the heat of Alvashaniti.

Name pending

trying to decide weather to make her race transformable between fox and human or make her race more like the Kajit race from Skyrim. Any ways her people are a race shrouded in mystery. They are rarely seen and you never get the feeling from them they are being truthful because so little is actually known about them. The crew crosses paths with her while she is wandering the country side as a healer and offer her a place in the crew.


This guy is more recently thought of, but he gets picked up somewhere along the way. I think the original idea was for him to imprint on Ariauna like a baby duck. Anyways, he was forcibly taught alchemy and stealth at the orphanage he grew up in, and he's an inventor, like MacGyver or some shit haha (I I can think of anything good) And here's some practice drawings for fun!
Let me know what you think! Do they seem like interesting characters, unique, entertaining, ect.?
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