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City Conquest which should have been aired on KBS in January starring Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong released unveiled photos exclusively obtained by Stardailynews. According to the media, the television series having been stopped its shooting because it could not be organized as lineup of KBS is to release DVD of its making film shot in Japan last summer under the leaderships of DATV run by Digital Adventure Inc., the star’s agency Keyeast Entertainment’s Japanese subsidiary company acquired the copyright to the drama. Its short video clips and making films were screened on DATV, a TV channel for Hallyu in Japan, at 7:00 p.m. on November 9. 26339_32987_3121 Stardailynews has exclusively obtained unveiled photos of the drama. The photos shot in Japan showing the young star’s charisma dreaming of revenge aroused a lot of fans’ curiosity about the TV series has not been aired. 26339_32988_3145 City Conquest based on a popular Korean comic series of the same title drawn by cartoonist Shin Hyeong Bin is a story about a young man who takes revenge on the root of all social evils seriously harming his family. Jeong Yu-mi, Nam Goong Min as well as Kim Hyun Joong have been cast as the heroin and heros of the drama. And just 2 episodes were shot last July in Japan. 26339_32989_328 KBS was scheduled to air the drama, however it was rejected to air because the series was incompetent and violent. But its production company said, “KBS refused to air because the drama was violent enough to be aired in early Park’s administration. The broadcaster flattered its new political power.” 26339_32990_3226 In spite of the strong claim of the production company, the television series could not be accepted by KBS. Kim, 27, was cast as the lead role in KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Generation of Youth which will be aired next January. There was a rumor that the filming in China was initiated, but KBS officially announced that it was just put off and is to aired on January 2014. 26339_32991_3247 “Kim Hyun Joong is now gaining huge popularity among japanese girls. If the drama was aired on schedule, it would benefit Korean economy. It is sad that there was no another round of the Korean wave taking place.” said officials run drama studios.
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