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- Hello and what's up guys I've been writing slot recently and I decided why not share with you guys -

Things to know prior to reading:
- The is strong use of language in this chapter
- There is motions of suicidal tendencies/actions
- This is not real it is a fan FICTION
- References of drug abuse and/or violence


So without further a do I give you


"One époque n'est pas confuse que pour un esprit confuse" - Jean Cocteau

-An era is only confused by a confused mind-

- Seungri -

Why, why is it that I'm here? Why do a thing such as us exsist anyway. When all we do is bring corruption and prey upon the weak. Why, why did I need to be born human? My eyes, body, these limbs. I don't need any of it. Why have a thing such as a heart when all it does is bring you pain.

A simple life.

I felt numb to the pain of the past. All of them, all three of them. Even as they beat me where I stand now I feel as if there is no feeling. Soft drops of rain begin to pour. I wonder, I wonder what it would've been like , to be someone else. How it would have been to be something else, even the life of a fish would've been better. So simple. Just swim, keep swimming, and repeat.

The rain begins to fall harder on the roof. Should I?

If such a thing as reincarnation assist only on way to find out right? It's not like they'll miss me, being here is the equivalent to accepting being their toy. This roof top, this is where it all started right? To be different, to be another. Maybe I doesn't exist. Maybe a place such as heaven and hell are one in the same. One man's nightmare is another's paradise. Or perhaps they are different. Should I keep running from what is my dreaded fate. This place, whatever it is...

All three of them Heaven, Earth, Hell. This place, this is Earth? If I were to...If I was going to. I bet hell couldn't be much different from here. I mean what's good and bad is a matter of perception anyway. So this place were to be their heaven, and my hell alike. That means my place, my heaven it must be...

It's all so simple isn't it-

"What's there to investigate the kid jumped off the roof"

Taeyang places a stack of files on the desk in front me me.

"What the hell do you want me to do with th-"

"Look are you sure you didn't get fired. Retired my ass. You were shit as a cop, and now you're a detective and still shit now. You gonna do you job or wh-"  Taeyang speech stiffens as a man put his hand down on his shoulder. Serves him right that bastard, always so smug. 

"Go easy on him, he just lost his ex-wife. She took everything the apartment, the money, and even the kid. At least let him keep his dignity."

Taeyang turned to the man smirking. "Well I says serves him right, after what he did the pile of shit. Should get what ever hell that's coming to him." He pushes the files towards me once more.

"I killed all three? That what you think?"

"Just make sure you take you meds, or you'll get sent to the looney-bin. And if your anywhere around me I'll do you in one better"

"Fuck off already"

"Look you do this, and you'll he rewarded. Besides I think you'll be interested in this one" Taeyang and the man parted from the room leaving me alone with no one but these damn files and a potted plant. Least the damn plant can keep it's damn mouth shut.


The local bar had become like a second home to me. Well it is this place or my psychiatrist office. But that place isn't all what is cracked up to be. It's supposed to help me? Like hell it does.

"Have you been sleeping well"
"Are taking your medication"
"You don't dream?"
"How are you-"

Fuck, if I was fine would I have been there. These damn question. I supposed to be the detective and I feel like I'm being investigated. I can't stand that place, the constant screaming, shut the fuck up.

 After a couple of drinks I make my way out of the bar the street a loiterted with posters.

'Local Blood Bath'
'Young Mans Dreams Dashed'

Why even hang these up. Everything's over now, the blood has already been spilled. No use in crying over it now. A sudden sensation alert my attention. I pull out my phone, the bright screen is almost blinding.


"Thank God you answered sorry for the sudden call. Did I wake you"

"No, I just- why are you calling?"

"I really need to talk to you. Its about Iye.I was just wondering to see if she was there with you.."
"Please don't lie to me"

"Why would she be here?"

"She's not there? She's been gone for a couple of days but I can't reach her..."

"So tell me the truth-"

"You think I kidnapped her?"

I lit a cigarette.

"No it's just-"


"Iye is-"

I hung up, who does that bitch think she is anyway. Her act is pitiful. So worried about her precious Iye when she wasn't there for her any more than I was. 

"Dreams" the sound of the tv in the background interrupts my train of thought.

"Dreams. The perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect family. Dong Real estate"

.....Perfect life Yeah Right
- I hope you guys enjoyed the Prologue of "Silent Malady" -

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