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- Hey guys double update today this is the official Chapter One. If you haven't please go check out the Prologue of Silent Malady which came put earlier today -

-Chapter Warnings-

-Use of strong language
-Mentions of Drugs Alcoholic Substances

And without further ado I give you



Some how I find myself outside of Hyun-Ju's home, our old apartment. Why am I even doing this I don't really care much for either of the bastards anyway. I guess family is family...

"Come in" Taehee? Was she expecting me. She must've known I would've showed up. Crazy woman.

"You sure?" I take the lead, and she follows closely behind. I take some alcohol of the shelf and pour myself a shot.

"Call the police" I say. Taehee takes away my shot and replaces it with water.

"No we dont even know if-"

"What do you know isn't that why you called me?" I grab her wrist taking my shot back. Taken a back she backs away.

"Iye's room, go there and you'll see" She swipes away the rest of the liquor. Psh, some woman. Doesn't she know it's rude to treat a guest in such a way.

She brushes back her hair recalling something that looks like a scar on her face.

"Maybe I'm wrong." She leaves me to my thoughts. And I ponder abut before going to Iye' s room.

I scoff, nothing special still looks the same as ever to me. Typical teenage girls room. On her dresser there's a picture of her. She looks just the way I remember her to be. My kid, still shit though.

I start searching. Closet...clothes. Dress...more clothes. What's so special. If this ladies go me wasting my time I-

"Her bag" I hear Taehee say with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Her bag?" She nods her head in the direction of the accessory.
I pick it up and dump it's contents on to the bed. An start shifting through it. What about the bag...just say it. Nothing, nothing, nothing? I don't see it. Pictures, pencils, books, makeup...a container? I open the container to find needles, medication, and some type of power. I pour out a bag into my hand and smell it before tasting it. Cocaine ...this kid is a drugie huh. I look at Hyun-Ju and as if her heart had shattered he begins tearing up. I sit on the bed and begin to laugh.

"How long has she been gone"

"Five or six days.."

"Can you reach any of her friends"

"Not really"

As I move to get up I here something crinkle beneath me. I pull back the blankets and find a paper bag. Neurologist?

"What is this?"

"She told me she's going to the dentist.."

I open the blinds and she flinched from the sudden impact of light.

"Was she working, all those expensive clothes in her closet..."

"No I don't think she was"

I point out a picture on the table an hand it to her.

"Who is this, her boyfriend?" I questioned.

"I don't know"

"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING" Shit she lives with her and doesn't know shit about her daughter.

"You barley even remember what her face looks like" she retaliates.

"Did she lose weight? Lose her appetite? Any signs of a drug user?"


I light a cigarette. Tsk...


For all i knew she could be anyones kid. Would've been in great intrest if she wouldve told me she was a whore before we got married. Hyun-Ju turns away from me in pain.

"So, what do we do.."

"I'll find her"

"No,Call the police" She reaches for the phone.

"Iye will get in trouble!" I wrestle her for the phone and she falls to the floor.


I reach for her.



*Three Tears Ago*

Why was I born human. Underwater it's so peaceful down here. I try to go up to breath air only to get attacked with trash and cans. I swim to the ledge of the pool amd they pull me out and begin again the routine, again and again they hit me. Up here on land my life is a living hell. My eyes, my mouth, my hair, all of it i  dont need it. They push me back into the water.

Why have a heart if it just meant for pain. I travel through the school, my clothes dripping wet. No one, everyone they all run, as if they can't stand the sight of me. I'm not...maybe I just not cut out to be human. I wash the blood off my face in the nearest water fountain. Dammint....DAMMINT!

Again the never ending pattern seems to repeat day by day. Why, why me? I feel the water pressure raise higher than it usually is. And jump back.

"Are you crying" she ask while giggling. Iye?

"No" I respond shuting off the water and trying to walk away.
She blocks my path.

"No? It's obvious." Kim Iye.  She was the only beautiful creature on Earth.

"What happened?"

Huh? I guess she could tell i was a little stumped.

"A horror movie?" She places a towel over my face cleaning the blood. My eyes, nose, limbs, they're feeling for you. These hands are, for connecting with yours. These feet are for chasing you. This heart is for beating with-

"Iye" Her friends call her and she runs off. My beautiful creature. The only one on earth. This is what barley keeps feeling almost human, your presence on earth. Right? Iye..
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