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Hello Royal Family and Fantasy! This is a summer theme collaboration with the two groups. The theme is a beach theme. So I did a collaboration of having a beach party together! We get to the beach and the first thing the boys want to do is play in the sand.
So we play in the sand and make a sand castle so fun and sweet! The next time the boys want to do is, ummm let's see.
The guys are hungry from all the building in the sand. So now we eat. We all lay down on our blankets and.........
And watch the stars in the sky! I hope you enjoyed our beach party! Until next time stay Royal and have a great Fantasy!

Royal squad
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The Sensation Feeling Squad

Man I love these so much; the ideas are great and seem fun, it makes me laugh I love it!
Thank you. I try to make it fun.
Wow! Your card is so cute ☺