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As the Toronto City Council prepared for a vote on whether to recommend that the city's embattled mayor take a leave of absence, Rob Ford said he is not going anywhere. "I'm definitely keeping this job," Ford said during a City Council meeting Wednesday. "I am not leaving here." It was Ford's first appearance before the council since admitting to having smoked crack cocaine. He further admitted to the council that he has purchased illegal drugs within the past two years, a period during which he was in office. Ford's insistence on staying in office remains unchanged. He stated once again that he has been a good mayor and that voters will decide during next year's election whether to keep him or not.
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you're in dubai @divalcious, what are you doing there?
4 years ago·Reply
@heisenberg … as they say … makin hay while the sun shines … :)
4 years ago·Reply
actually ive never heard that, are you working there?
4 years ago·Reply
yes i am
4 years ago·Reply
drugs are chillll
4 years ago·Reply