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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....


It was the next day that you came to see Kiseok. He was still asleep but the doctors said he'd woken up a while ago. He happened to fall back asleep before you showed up.

You weren't planning on telling Kiseok you were pregnant that soon. You were waiting to figure out how he would feel about it. You were still trying to figure out how you felt about it yourself. The thing was that you two were getting married soon and everything that was going on with Minho and Haneul, you weren't sure what you could do. There was a lot to figure out and a baby, though a happy occasion, would just add another complication. It was about a week after you two came back that you recognized the same symptoms of being pregnant.

You ended up taking a home test while you were staying with Mintaek and then you made a doctors appointment that Mintaek took you to. You made him swear he wouldn't say a word to Kiseok about it and that he'd let you tell him about it yourself. You had no idea how Minho found out about it but he had been watching you so he must've found out at some point in time.

You walked into his room to see him still asleep. You stood at his bed side and looked at him for a little bit. You didn't have a lot of energy to really talk right now but just seeing him stable and relaxed made you feel better. He looked more relaxed than he ever had in a while. He started to stir and you straightend up to look at him. He turned his head to see you and blinked, tired.

"Hey." He said.

You gave him a faint smile.

"Hey. The doctors said that you're gonna be okay. They'll let you go in a few days." you said.

He nodded and gave you a soft smile. He reached for your hand and you held it. You looked down at the bandages covering him up. You two were silent for a little until you took your hand back to pull some hair behind your ear.

"They want you to take it easy for a while so no moving around a lot. I called your office and told them that you'd be out for a while. Jay has been making calls all morning about your meetings. The office knows you'll be working from home once you're released from the hospital and we moved a confrence call you had for tomorrow to next week." you said.

"You did all that?" he asked surprised.

"Well yeah, I couldn't just let your business fall all because of me. I mean I'm the reason you got shot."

"No. No you're not." he said.

His hand came up but perhaps out of weakness he couldn't left his arm up to your face. The back of his hand tapped your stomach lightly and he looked at your tummy. He looked back up at you and you looked away and lightly pushed his hand away. You shook your head.

"What happened?" he whispered.

"Well, between the press hounding us, dealing with Ju kyung to figure out how to take care of Haneul, you going through surgery and having to explain to the cops that the man that raped me when I was fourteen and then sexually assaulted me months earlier, sexually assaulted me again in front of my fiance's eyes, it seems that all the stress caught up with me. Add that to the fact that I just came to grips that I killed a man and my body just couldn't handle it. Reporters were everywhere when I got outside and I just-"

Tears brimmed your eyes and you covered your mouth to keep from crying. You looked away and shook your head.

"Babygirl I'm so sorry."

"It's fine. A miscarriage isn't such a big deal compared to everything else we've been through." You said trying to pass it off.

"I wish I could make it go away. I know you're in pain baby. I should've done something about him years ago. I should've protected you better." he said.

You shook your head and looked back at him softly crying,

"You protected me just fine, I'm alive. Which was very different from what Minho planned. You protected me the best way you knew how. So you're going to recover and we're going to move on with our lives and- we're not gonna look back."


"One thing I've learned in my hell of a life is how to survive even after the worst has happened. You told me you loved me. You asked me to marry you. Do you still want to?" you asked.

"Of course I do."

"Then let's just focus on getting married. I want to be your wife so let's just focus on getting there and forget the bad stuff because I honestly need to move on from this. If I don't- It's going to eat me alive." You said.

"I love you baby girl." he said.

He took your hand and kissed the back of it.

"I love you too." you said....

You and Ju Kyung had to settle your differences to figure out what to do with Haneul. The police weren't charging you with the death of Minho since it was in a state of self defense. Evidence proved without a shadow of a doubt that you and Kiseok were both in danger. Ju Kyung had come to pick up Haneul and the poor guy was traumatized by what he had seen. You wanted to give Haneul sometime to really adjust and move past what had happened but you also needed sometime to figure out what you were going to do yourself. Kiseok suggested moving and he found another penthouse with a more secure, security system so a week after him coming home you two started packing. The old penthouse just had the haunted memory of what Minho did to you in that bedroom. You even stopped sleeping in the room with him, instead you stayed in the room Kiseok locked you in for punishment.

He wanted you to stay with him but you weren't even letting him touch you anymore. So much had happened, sex really wasn't going to relieve you. If anything, with what happened, it had turned you off from sex for a while. Not to mention your miscarriage was taking a toll on you. With the new penthouse set in place, you and Ju Kyung agreed that Haneul would come stay with you during the weekend once you two were settled in the penthouse completely. You had to threaten a custody battle if Ju Kyung even thought about not sending him to come see you. Him and Haneul were moving to Busan anyway, they had to relocate for his job so it was an easy car ride after school on Friday for him to come to the penthouse and then Sunday night you could take him back home.

Kiseok was respectful of your space and you two hadn't had sex in a few months. It took a while for you to let him go back to kissing you. Any time he tried to go further you made him stop. It wasn't until one night you two had a romantic dinner together where it felt like you were dating again that you relaxed enough to sleep with him. That was just three days ago and it felt good to be in his arms again. This penthouse was bigger and Mintaek was over visiting and helping Kiseok with some work. He had healed well and he was back to moving a mile a minute. He still kept you on schedule as always, timing your meals and bedtimes. He stopped using Jay and Mintaek to watch you; instead, he hired you two body guards that would go out with you when you needed to leave the house.

Under no circumstances were you to leave the house without them and you were to wait until they arrived to get you at the penthouse before you left out on your own. It was a system that let you have a little more freedom and go where ever you wanted rather than having to ask Jay or Mintaek to take you somewhere. It also allowed you to go meet up with him at his office for lunch. The whole incident with your naked photos and Minho writting whore on the photos was swept under the rug. Kiseok said he took care of it but you didn't ask how and you didn't want to know. Reporters stayed on your ass for weeks which only pissed Kiseok off because of everything you had been through. He was trying his best to be there for you. He knew the miscarry was the hardest thing you were wrestling with in all of this.

You walked out of the kitchen with some warm onion soup and sat a small bowl down by Kiseok and Mintaek, before you sat next to Kiseok and crossed your legs on the couch. Kiseok was in the middle of talking to Mintaek when you felt his hand meet your thigh softly. He looked to you and smiled while you were eating and you gave him a soft smile. He scrunched his nose at you, your weakness, and he moved his hand up higher on your thigh. He took your bowl out of your hands and placed it on the coffee table.

"I'm hungry." he whispered.

"You're food is on the table." You said placing your hands on his chest.

His arm came around to touch your side and said,

"That's not what I'm hungry for."

You chuckled lightly.

"You have company Master."

"You know I still owe him that little three way. Are you feeling up to it?" he asked.

You looked at Mintaek watching Kiseok cover up your body with his. His lips met your neck and your head rolled back as you moaned out softly.

"Answer me baby girl." Kiseok whispered.

"Yes." you mewled softly.

You looked at him to see the grin on his face and he turned back to looked at Mintaek. Mintaek looked at him and Kiseok said,

"You'll take her from behind,"

He looked at you and said,

"I'm gonna look her in the eyes."

You shivered at the way he was looking in your eyes now like he was devouring your soul.

"Take off your clothes." he commanded.

The command was given with so much authority you couldn't refuse. You started to pull of your shirt in front of him, your eyes rested more on Kiseok than Mintaek. Kiseok was the only one you wanted to see. Kiseok reached around you to unhook your bra and he let it slide off your arms. He started to pepper kisses down your shoulder as he hooked his fingers into your jogger shorts and panties. Kiseok came to your lips and covered your mouth with his. His tongue taking claim of your mouth and warring with your tongue to turn you on. You hummed on his lips and lifted up so he could slide the shorts off your ass. Once they were down by your ankles you kicked them aside.

Kiseok slithered down to his knees and took his place inbetween your legs. He lifted your legs onto his shoulders and pulled your ass closer to him. Your heat was right in his face, he licked his lips and looked up at you like he was ready for a meal. You looked down at him with your heart rate already speeding up.

"I'll let him kiss you for right now okay?" He said.

You nodded.

"Then I want you to take him in your mouth and get him nice and slick so he can slide into this little ass." He said smacking the side of your butt.

You nodded with short little pants and your body warming up more. You were completely naked while both guys were still clothed and that couldn't have turned you on anymore. Kiseok's head dipped down while his fingers dug into your hipbone to hold you still. Your head came back to rest on the couch and you moaned out into the room. Your hand came down to comb through Kiseok's hair and your hips tried to ride against his flattened out tongue lapping up your juices like a thristy dog. Mintaek walked over to you and slid his hand around your neck. He tightend it just a little and he came down to kiss you. His lips were light at first and then they became hungry almost matching the way that Kiseok was eating you out.

"Oh my little baby girl is so fucking wet." Kiseok groaned.

He licked up your folds and the tip of his tongue teased your clit. Mintaek moved his hand off your neck to come play with your breast. He kissed down your jaw and cupped your breast in his hand. His tongue drew circles around your nipple making it perk up. His tongue mirrored the same motions Kiseok's tongue was doing on your heat until you felt Kiseok's tongue start to fuck you.

"Oh! Fuck." you moaned.

Your eyes rolled and your head flew back while you gripped onto the couch. Your legs opened wider and you could hear Kiseok chuckle through the wet sounds of his tongue lapping you up. He sucked on your clit while Mintaek sucked on your other nipple and his fingers pinched the one that he had just showed attention to. Your hand went through Mintaek's hair and you moaned while Kiseok's wet muscle pushed inside you repeatedly. Your walls coming down to keep a hold of his tongue inside you with no such luck. He came off your heat to peck kisses on your clit like a tease and Mintaek kissed you hard before you could beg Kiseok not to tease you. Mintaek unzipped his pants and released his swollen heat in front of your face.

"Stick out your tongue puppy." he said.

You stuck out your tongue and he beat the tip of his member on your tongue before you swirled your tongue around the head and kissed it. You took him in your mouth and he grabbed your head so that he could slowly thrust into your mouth. Kiseok continued licking you but now he was pushing two fingers inside of you. Your hand went to Mintaek's dick to jerk him off while you sucked on the head. You hummed as you did with your eyes closed and enjoying the feeling of a hot cock in your mouth. Kiseok stopped his fingers in you to go and get something. You came to your knees on the couch and Mintaek started to fuck your throat quickly, making you gag and choke on him. You spred your spit all over his dick to get him nice and wet for you. He stopped you in the middle of giving him head so that you could kiss him.

His lips on yours were harsh and heavy. He was biting and eating up your lips like he was going to steal them from you. You moaned into his mouth and then he pulled your head back down so that you could suck on him again. You opened your mouth wide and let his cock glide against your tongue; his thickness filled your mouth and made you choke. Kiseok came back in and said,

"That's enough." Mintaek nodded and pulled out of your mouth.

His finger trailed over your lips to collect the mixture of your spit and his pre-cum off your face. He smirked at you.

"You look so delicious puppy." he said.

"Thank you Master." you said.

You looked to Kiseok who was smiling and he said,

"You're such a good little girl. Come to Daddy baby girl." he said.

You turned on the couch more so that you were sat up in front of him. You perched up on your knees and wrapped your arms around his neck. He pecked your lips not even carrying that you had just sucked off Mintaek.

"Do you want Daddy's cock inside you baby girl?" He smiled.

"Yes Daddy." You said biting your lip.

He hummed and licked his lips while looking at yours. His eyes flitted up to yours again and a harsh coil came to your core when you saw the darkness in his eyes. He grabbed your hair and pulled your head back and in a feral growl he said,

"Then be a good fucking girl and suck on me."

"Yes daddy." you moaned.

You lowered on your knees again and you pulled him out of his pants and boxers. Immediately, you took him in your mouth and bobbed your head up and down on him. He moaned loving the way your mouth worked on his hard length and he started to fuck your face hard and fast. You had to focus on breathing through your nose until Kiseok pinched your nose so that you couldn't. He made you hold his length inside your mouth until you bucked back to get air. You coughed and Kiseok said,

"Did I fucking say you can stop baby girl?"

"No daddy."

"Then keep going." he said.

Even after all that happened, that demanding tone still turned you on. It was because you trusted him though, you knew you were safe with him and that this was just for play time. He was helping you get off. You started to lick up his shaft and then just under his tip. Your tongue rolled on the head and he threw his head back and groaned.

"Fuck baby girl you're so good. Your mouth is so fucking amazing princess." he praised you.

He fucked your face again and this time it was much harder. He was moaning and groaning, sounding more turned on than he'd ever been before. He finally pulled you off of him and he came down on your lips with a crash to eat you up. His breathing was ragged and so was yours and his hands on you were strong. He lifted up about an inch from your lips and said,

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

You nodded and turned around but you stood up not being able to find a way to lean against the couch with your hands behind your back. He tied your hands behind you and then sat down on the couch. He started jerking himself off while he had you climb over him. He found your entrance and you lowered on top of him and started moving. He slapped your ass.

"I didn't tell you to start moving baby girl. Mintaek you can go ahead but don't come inside her." he said.

Mintaek nodded and you felt his tip come to your ass. You moaned in pain as he pushed into you slowly; you leaned over and rested your forehead in the crook of Kiseok's neck.

"Are you okay baby girl?" he asked.

You were panting and it hurt a little but you coud handle it.

"Yes daddy." you said.

Kiseok grabbed your hips and Mintaek raised you up again. You started to bounce up and down on Kiseok while Mintaek found the rhythm to move in you. The way it felt having both of them inside you at the same time had you moaning hard and your eyes rolling back. Your head rolled back and leaned against Mintaek's chest. Kiseok brought his hand around your neck to squeeze and it made you look down at him. Your mouth was a gape while you bounced on him and you were panting hard while Mintaek fucked you from behind.

"Oh fuck Daddy." you moaned.

"Does it feel good baby girl?" Kiseok smiled.

"Fuck!" Was your only response.

Kiseok started to move up and he started to move fast along with Mintaek and it was driving you crazy.

"Oh fuck! Daddy- So good." You moaned.

"You're so tight back here puppy." Mintaek said in your ear.

"Don't cum yet baby girl." Kiseok groaned.

"Ye- yes Daddy." You moaned.

You felt your walls tighten around him more and you could feel them running along your walls. You whined out loud and you felt yourself coming closer to the edge. Kiseok pounded into you faster, he bit his bottom lip fucking you and enjoying every sound you made. Mintaek wrapped his hand around your neck and kissed the other side knowing it was your weak spot.

"You're gonna come all over daddy's dick baby girl. Don't hold back." Kiseok growled.

You started bouncing on him more and uneven because of the way that Mintaek was moving in you. Mintaek suddenly pulled out of you and started to finish himself off ouside of you but you could feel his sticky substance on your lower back and ass. Kiseok made you continue riding him. He leaned up to suck on your tits and you moaned louder.

"Daddy I'm gonna cum. Please let me cum."

He slapped the other side of your ass and you kept moving but went faster. He slapped your ass again making you yelp.

"Don't fucking come until I tell you to." he said.

His voice was so aggressive. His thumb came to your clit to draw circles and you shook your head while still bouncing on him.

"Please. Please Daddy. Fuck!.... Please I want to cum."

"You want to fucking come Princess?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Them come for me baby girl. Fucking come all over me , I want you dripping all over my cock." He said.

He grabbed your waist and fucked you harder and faster and you threw your head back and moaned louder almost in a scream. You cursed enjoying the feeling of him inside you. You felt him lick up your stomach and your breast and then your vision blurred and you felt your release come like an explosion. You shook while he continued going, curssing into your body. He squeezed his eyes shut and came into you hard and fast and filled you up. You were panting and tired from the fuck. You leaned against his shoulder and he untied your arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he kissed you and rubbed your back.

"Good girl." he whispered and kissed your head.

"Very good." Mintaek said from behind you two.

You never looked back to see him you just cuddled up more on top of Kiseok.......

A year had passed and you two were finally married, you had a spring wedding and of course the reporters were involved, despite trying to keep the affair as private as possible. Haneul came to the wedding but Ju Kyung was not invited, Jay looked after him and made sure he got back to Busan okay while you two were on your honeymoon. He was over for the weekend and was in the living room watching cartoons.

Kiseok snuck up behind you and kissed you on the cheek. His arms wrapped around your waist and he said,

"Hello Mrs. Jung."

"I never get tired of hearing you say that."

"I never get tired of saying it." he said.

You smiled as you were finishing up breakfast. No matter how many times you asked him not to come up behind you while you cooked he never really listened to you. It was a losing battle; although, he stopped trying to sleep with you in the kitchen. After that accidental burn, he learned his lesson: the kitchen was no place for sex, especially while cooking. This time he didn't seem to care about that though. His hands trailed from your waist and up your body to your breast. He grabbed them and started to slowly massage them.

"I like how big they've become." He said kissing the side of your neck.

"What are you talking about?" you laughed.

"These breast have been owned by me for three years you really think I wouldn't notice that they grew." he grinned.


"When were you going to tell me?" He whispered into the nape of your neck.

You turned a bit to look at him and he smiled. You cupped his face in your hands.

"How long have you known?" you asked.

"I noticed a few weeks ago when your boobs got bigger. I thought you would've figured it out by how much I've been touching them and you." he smiled.

You chuckled.

"I was suspicious."

"How far along?" he asked.

"Ten weeks." you said.

He smiled and brought his hands to your stomach. He pecked your lips then he kissed you softly. After you miscarried, you let Haneul be the only child that you were concerned about. You didn't want to be touched by Kiseok for a long time because of what happened. It was so hard to deal with, so when you found out you were pregnant again you didn't want to say anything yet. You wanted to be sure first and then you wanted to make sure that you weren't stressed; you really couldn't handle losing another baby. Kiseok smiled hard.

"I'm so happy." he said.

"Yeah? I'm glad you're happy but that probably means we can't stay in the penthouse much longer." you said.

"We can make it work." he said.

You laughed, Kiseok wasn't ready to leave the penthouse just yet.

"You know I'll do anything for you baby girl. For you, for Haneul and for the little one growing inside you. I want you to know that I will always protect you. You're mine, forever." he said.

"I'm only yours. Forever." you said.

He smiled and nodded before kissing your forehead.

"I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too." You smiled.

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that was great.. another great storyline Bre .
thank you so much 😊
awwww! but a quick question... I can't remember if Jay used a condom with her. so could there have a possibility that the baby she miscarried was Jay's but this one I am so happy for. and yes. I sort of want a girl... but I'm a stickler for twins!
I think you're the only one that talked about that but Jay didn't use a condom with her so yes it is very possible the baby she lost was Jay's not Kiseok's.
omg awww I hope they had a girl!!!!! what an amazing story thank you