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안녕하세요 친구

^^^that i need to be saved.

So my fellow BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.

Can we analyze this pic a it's not like i stared O_o or anything...just a simple observation.

So this gif:
This is what was observed:

¤Hobi: doing that Fudge. Yes. Fudge me move
¤V: too scared to reach for the fun/funny spot.
¤Kookie: Places the hand down gently and no one gets hurt
¤Rap Monsta: pep talk/thinking= you can do it namjoon, you can do it, stick the landing, stick the--too hard, alert alert x_x
¤Jimin: time to give people a heart attack. Pe*** grab engaged. Shiz, I missed. Belt grab engaged. Nailed it
¤Suga: what if, instead of grabbing it, I just thrust it, really hard
¤Jin: jaja aww, it's okis pink princess, we know you're not the dancer. Besides hubby aka Namjoon grabbed enough crotch for the both of you lol

Has anyone else observed this??

안녕!! See you lovely Hobi lovers next Friday and on special occasions!!

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I need shesus
7 months ago·Reply
Jesus help me!!
7 months ago·Reply
Oh Joonie 😂😂😂
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I uh actually had noticed this.... I mean not like I've watched it just to see Hobie but I did notice lol
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In the 2nd picture the person in the middle (j-hope right???) looks like he is exaggerating with that move lol
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