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-Jay may be a daddy in your relationship; however, he's your Puppy daddy.
-Think of a sugar daddy but with puppies.
-Once you two start dating you adopt PJ and Oscar as your (puppy) children and here's who Jay adopts.
-Your great Dane, Scooby.
-Your little pug, Gypsy
-And you two adopt this English bull dog and name him Zeus (anytime Loco says his name it sounds like juice.)
-Jay is always going to send you crazy photos with the puppies.
-He'll suggest a nanny to help take care of all the dogs.
-Let's not forget puppy play dates with the crew.
-Simon brings loco as one of the puppies and loco spends time getting trampled by their cuteness.
-Now you two would talk about custody over the puppies if you two ever broke up.
-Jay would keep PJ & Oscar obviously and you would keep Scooby and Gypsy.
-While you would get custody of Zeus, Jay wants visitation rights. Which you agree too but let's be honest Jay can't live without you and you can't live without your puppy daddy.
-There's no better way to Jay's heart than loving dogs.
-Good vibes all the time. So don't forget to love your puppy daddy.
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he is a dorky daddy that we all love
yes he is
Jay can be may daddy anyday
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i got chu fam 😏😏😏