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Welcome to Scarlet University,

At Scarlet University there are many things a student can do to have a great time while they are learning. This would include Fine Arts, mathematics, dance, literature, Culinary Arts, Film, Music Production, and Singing Courses, but of course there are rules that must be obeyed.

Rule 1.
Obey the vampires

Rule 2.
Don't disturb the vampires

Rule 3.
Don't fight the vampires

If any of the rules are broken, you will be expelled from Scarlet University

If you follow the rules you will be fine and will have a great experience at Scarlet University.

Hope to see you soon!

Character List:

Kim Namjoon
Age: 24
Race: Vampire
Year: Junior
Course: Music Production & Mathematics
Background: Namjoon is ring leader of the group, he is the most intelligent person on campus and is also the leader of the frat house BTS.Namjoon will scare off anyone who will get near him. He also has his eyes set on a certain culinary student.By doing this the Junior does not realise that he makes the senior lonely as he scares off the senior’s friends. Despite his scary approach he is very protective of his friends and can get jealous very easily

Kim Seokjin
Age: 25
Race: human
Year: Senior
Course: Film & Culinary Arts
Background: Jin is the most friendliest and kind hearted human on campus. This makes him easily likeable or even worshipped by both humans and vampires. But despite his kindness, he is extremely lonely because of a junior vampire who scares off everyone he becomes friends with. Jin hopes that maybe he can make friends without the junior vampire scaring them off.

Min Yoongi
Age: 25
Race: Vampire
Year: Senior
Course: Music Production
Background: Yoongi is part of the frat house BTS only because his best friends force him to join, Yoongi is probably the most cold hearted out the three, he will kill anyone who disturbs his sleep or makes him angry. Yoongi has a Reputation of not showing any mercy on anyone, and everyone fears him. But a certain freshman catches his eye and Yoongi will probably make the poor boy be his new pet

Jung Hoseok
Age: 24
Race: Vampire
Year: Junior
Course: Dancing & Music Production
Background: Hoseok is also apart of the frat house BTS, he appears to kind and friendly towards other but don't let that sweet smile fool you because Hoseok can be very twisted at times, he enjoys watching people suffer and cry. But he only goes after the people who displeases him and doesn't cares how much they pled once he is done making them suffer he let's Yoongi kill them. But he doesn't make other people suffer as much when he meets the cute transfer sophomore.

Kim Taehyung
Age: 23
Race: human
Year: Sophomore
Course: Singing & Fine Arts
Background: Taehyung has a very bubbly personality and have people say he is a living angel. His very kind to people and loves to help others, he can win over any hearts of humans and vampires and just being around him makes you smile. Taehyung is hoping to have a good year at Scarlet University seeing his freshmen year at Jellyfish University wasn't as nice as he hoped. But everything he hoped for changes when a vampire junior keeps bothering him.

Park Jimin
age: 22
Race: human
Year: freshman
Course: dancing & Singing
Background: Jimin is shy but friendly towards people but he is absolutely terrified of vampires. When a vampire killed his entire family, leave the poor boy lonely but his is thankful for his best friend Jungkook for taking him into his home and help him. But poor Jimin notice a senior vampire staring at him and couldn't  help but be frightened by him and hopes that the vampire will leave him alone.

Jeon Jungkook
Age: 21
Race: vampire
Year: freshman
Course: dance
Background: Jungkook was human till the same vampire who killed his best friend Jimin's family, turned him into one. Now he has been trying to hide it from Jimin, knowing full well how much Jimin is scared of vampires. Jungkook is a kind hearted person who is willingly to help his best friend and friends as much as possible. but all three vampire stare at him and he wonders if they know.

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