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Please visit fantastic foodie and photographer Katie at her food blog for the recipe and more!
I reallyreally want to make this cake but the sad truth is that non of my family members like chocolate except me so if i make it i will have to eat it by myself :(
i love desserts but i aint good at baking too....i like short cuts, lolz
@cheerfulcallie I like your idea! That seems like the definite shortcut. Hahahaha! I understand though, I'm not much of a baker myself. I'm much better at cooking, though once upon a time, I used to bake a lot. What was I thinking?!
i just saw all the ingredients and im just like hmm....no can do, smh, nope, lolz....see im a foodie and i love to eat but not great at baking....now if i have to make that, i do short cuts...this is my version, "Betty Crocker Chocolate Moist Cake Mix" and bake my cake...then for the icing ill use whip cream and decorate with fruits....Yep, Bammm!!! im done...hahahhah!!! i cant do all that above recipe, i aint that talented....@PaulLim you got to post pics if you bake this cake b/c i definitely i wanna see!!!
@PaulLim Oh, oh. If you do make it, please let me know. I would love to see it. :)
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