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I told you I would complete more request on Saturday and here I am

Jay -

Jay will be polite and quite at first. But give him at least 5 minutes. He will be bonding with your family and having them laughing up a storm. If they aren't requesting him to song for them or dance.

Yultron -

If the family 'smoke', then you are in for a beautiful treat. He doesn't have to be high though to have parents and kids loving him. Hwck he would even end up being the BBQ DJ for the night. One of few that will blend in with your family with ease.

Loco -

He will be sweeter and more down to earth when he doesn't drink. Your parents will nag you about why you two aren't married, while he plays with one of the kids. If he does get drunk well make sure your family is cool with him joking around and being stupid.

ChaCha -

Now Chase is your number one choice to bring to family outings. He will be polite but bond with any family member you introduce him to in seconds. He will DJ for the family, or playing games with your family.

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Jay would be perfect in my family BBQ parties 😂 You know Hispanics like to BBQ 😂
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