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Hello hello beautiful ARMYs !!!♡ Today's theme is your first BTS Bomb and Your recent BTS Bomb!! BTS bombs (for newer fans) are basicly videos BTS drop (hahah like bombs, get it ? xD) In which they share their everyday lives and the randomness that is BTS. ♡

My First BTS Bomb Ever!!!!

Medley show time! Performed by BTS.

This was my first ever BTS bomb and since that day i was complete BTS trash !!!! This is the video that sucked me into the fandom !!! xD In this BTS bomb our dorks are getting ready for a performance and are jamming out to Big Bang !! It's the cutest thing ever !!!!

My Most Recent BTS Bomb!

Free dance time with JIMIN&V

I literally watched this 10 min ago xD Im up to date with all their Bombs but, when i have some free time i like to go back and watch older ones! Anyone else like that ? In this BTS Bomb we find our cute 95' line jamming out during a photoshoot. It's so cute !! ♡

And those were my first & most recent BTS Bombs !! Which BTS Bombs are your favorites ?! ♡


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