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Round 2 =^-^=

The guys reaction to your aeygo as you try to get a romantic couples trip together.

Simon D.

He would melt in seconds. When Simon is in love he turns weak to any cute actions as long ashe aware of the reason behind it. He will ask you why you're being cute too. Once you tell him you wanted to go on a romantic trip, he'll find any and all ways to spend the weekend away with you anywhere that not Seoul.

Loco -

He will pretend to ignore you or play cute in return. When you ask about a romantic trip he will blink at you before looking away and secretly plotting the romantic trip to make it a surprise for you that weekend.

Gray -

Oh... Gray. .. Hehehehe The moment you get cute with him... that all you have to do. No words needed. He will notice its cause you want his attention. With that he will spend one on one time with you. Sex Trip anyone hehehe just kidding. ^^

Jay -

Jay will look at you like you lost your mind, before asking why you're trying to be cute with him. Jay doesn't like when a girl fakes being cute. Which will be why he askes what you want. When you say a romantic vacation. He will just nod his head, take you to his car, then take you to either the water or the mountain to give you the most amazing trip ever.

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Haha Simon is adorable. Jays is soo true.. I'm with him, just ask for it. lol... Bahah but Loco and Gray lol
I'll be cute for Simon for no reason lol
damn u Simon